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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

American Student Convicted for Murder of Roommate

I've been ignoring the Amanda Knox case. She's the girl from Seattle who went to study in Italy and has now been convicted, along with two others, for murder of her English roommate Meredith Kerchner. Amanda has been convicted along with her boyfriend at the time, native Italian son of a Doctor, also a student. His name is Raffaele Sollecito. Another man has been convicted as well, Rudy Guede. Guede, I don't believe is a student. He is an African immigrant who very likely had sex with Kerchner before her murder.

It's unclear to me who knew whom in this scenario. The media has been publishing all kinds of bizarre storeis. It's very clear that Amanda Knox's weird behavior after the murder has helped to convict both her and her boyfriend. Knox kept changing her stories.

It's very strange that no one called the police at any time after hearing Meredith's screams and finding the house broken into and blood spattered all over, so there was a cover up. Rude Guede, (the immigrant) says that he was listening to his ipod and didn't hear the scream. He fled to Germany that night. Knox apparently confessed under police pressure and then says that she covered her ears during the scream. The neighbor says she heard it. Knox and her boyfriend were sitting outside the apartment when police happened to show up after finding her and Meredith's cell phones in a neighbor's yard. There's another guy who was taken in and held for two weeks because Knox accused him of having committed the crime. It's difficult to know because Knox may have been too young, she may not have been able to speak Italian very well, she may have really succumbed to the police interrogation.

First of all, this case sounds like nobody in Italy calls the Italian Police for help when it is needed. I traveled through Italy when I was 18 and from what I saw I can understand why nobody would call the Italian Police but that was a really long time ago and figured that things would have changed by now. The murder happened just as Saturn moved into Virgo. Virgo rules the Police and Saturn generally messes up anything that isn't very well organized when it hits the sign of rulership. After watching Nancy Grace the other night to find out what this case was about I heard how the police screwed up on the evidence. Nancy always says that the police screwed up, though. That's why I love Nancy.

Saturn is in detriment in this chart because he was conjunct the Nodal South Node at the time of the murder. That's a real Devil is in the Details aspect so the details are probably where the problem lies. I can't really answer for Amanda Knox's weird behavior except that she's a Cancer Sun like me and we're totally useless in an emergency. George Bush Jr. is a Cancer Sun. Look what he did to a whole country after 9/11.

If you look at the 4 charts of the crime, the 3 who are convicted and the victim, you will notice that it looks a bit like the Victim is the Killer. Meredith had the nasty Mars-Pluto-South Node in Scorpio conjunction. Some astrologers would convict a nun if they saw this aspect. Actually, some nuns ought to be convicted, but, if I go off on that I'll be acting as dopey as Amanda Knox.

Of course, often a victim's chart will look like a killer's chart. There's just some scary propensity for violence indicated here. One could be violent or attract it or become it because of having attracted it. Either way, both roommates had Mars-Pluto aspects. Kercher had the conjunction and Knox has the square. This could certainly have added an additional problem with willfulness which could include rape and murder, sex crimes, dressing up like a vampire because it's the day after Halloween.

On Nov. 1, 2007, the night of the murder (around 11:00 pm? in Perugia, Italy) the Sun and Lilith were both in conjunction with both roommates' natal Plutos. As a matter of fact, the two men involved in the crime had Pluto around the same spot as well.

The event chart shows a more complicated story here as the Sun-Lilith conjunction is squaring a Moon-Chiron opposition. The reason why I looked at the charts in the first place was because I wanted to see if Moon and Chiron were heavily aspected because I believe that these two working together might indicate being falsely accused, or of making false accusations. It certainly is prominently placed in this chart as the Moon-Chiron opposition is conjunct the Asc-Desc of the 11:00 timing of the murder. So, this does describe something related to the murder. Chiron rules Teachers and Wounds that can't be fixed. The Moon rules Women. It also rules Amanda Knox's chart as she is a Cancer Sun with Mercury Rx and Venus in that sign as well. She also has Lilith at 26 Cancer. Transiting Mars was passing between her natal Mercury Rx and her natal Sun at the time of the murder. It is said that she had dressed up as a Vampire for Halloween the night before. This was definitely a good transit for convincingly dressing up as a Vampire. To see if someone is really wigging out you want to see the Moon and maybe Uranus involved. Uranus and Mars were in a Grand Trine with the Sun-Lilith conjunction. This Grand Trine was affecting the Pluto of both women's charts.

Mercury in the event chart is also very prominent. It is conjunct the IC (root of the matter and the home) and it is just stationing direct in the sign of Libra. The moment that Mercury comes out of Retrograde can often indicate a log jam of snafus. (So says Bob Marks). It certainly describes Student Housing, Neighbors, faulty thinking, miscommunications, police error, lies, media lies. It could indicate why Amanda Knox couldn't get her story straight. Don't know why she was doing cartwheels during police interrogation. (She could be heavily affected by all things lunar. Her natal Moon placed at noontime (which probably isn't correct) is moving extremely fast and is placed way out-of-bounds up at 28 degrees and something. Also her chart is a Seesaw shape so she is probably always playing a balancing act, her natal Mercury is Retrograde so she probably doesn't talk straight too much of the time, and she has no Air in her chart, so she's a bit of a space cadet.)

What's interesting is the amount of Cardinal Sign prominence in the charts of those involved. I don't have an explanation for this other than to observe that birds of a feather flock together. Kerchner and Rudy Guede (who she had sex with) were both Capricorns with Sun conjunct Neptune. Amanda Knox is a Cancer Sun with Moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Raffaele Sollecito is an Aries with Moon either in Capricorn or Aquarius. There is the possiblity that all 4 have Cardinal Moon signs as well. As Cardinal Signs tend to be the Starters of the Zodiac maybe what happened is connected with not finishing something.

Knox and Guede both have Aries North Nodes which are Cardinal as well. Sollecito (the boyfriend) has Sun conjunct Amanda's North Node. Bet that's one relationship they both regret having entered into.

Anyway, with the weird stories that people have been giving it would be impossible to know what happened. It looks like the evidence wouldn't convict Amanda Knox if only she hadn't been changing her story every 5 seconds and doing cartwheels during police questioning. But, then again, the Italian Police are said to be a really strange bunch. It looks like Rudy Guede really did have sex with Meredith Kercher and it also looks like Kercher was trying to fight her killer off. So, he's certainly implicated. There is no mention at all of where the other two roommates were at the time of the murder.

Kercher's death is certainly described by that Mars-Pluto-South Node in Scorpio conjunction. My understanding obviously doesn't go much farther than that.

Murder of Meredith Kercher
Nov. 1, 2007 around 11:00 pm? Perugia, Italy

Sun 11 Scorpio; Moon 9 Leo; ASC 8 Leo; MC 26 Aries; NN 4 Pisces

Meredith Kercher (Victim)

b. Dec. 28, 1985 Southwork, London, England

Sun 7 Capricorn; Moon Cancer?; NN 7 Taurus

Amanda Knox

b. July 9, 1987 Seattle, Washington

Sun 18 Cancer; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 7 Aries Rx

Raffaele Sollecito

b. Mar. 26, 1984 Giovinazzo, Italy

Sun 6 Aries; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 11 Gemini

Rudy Guede

b. Dec. 26, 1986 Abidjan, Cote d-Ivoire

Sun 5 Capricorn; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 17 Aries

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Blogger Harry Rag said...

The English translation of Judge Massei's sentencing report can be downloaded from here:


7:24 AM  
Blogger veronica_urano said...

How can you write an article on a crime you are totally unaware of? You should read the judge's report (the Micheli report) before talking nonsense.
Meredith didn't have sex with RG, she was raped and that's why RG is serving 16 years.
Saying that her chart resembles the chart of a killer is offensive to her and her family. She is the only victim, she was sexually assaulted by a group of people, raped and murdered.
There is plenty of evidence that connect the three people charged to the crime scene.
You can read about the forensic evidence, the trial and the judge's report and more on this site: http://www.truejustice.org, you can download the Micheli report translation into English from there.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi Veronica,

I was unclear because I write this blog mostly for people who know astrology. Very often astrologers find that victims of crime have the same astrological aspects as criminals. It's very confusing to read the astrological charts because of that.

I don't have it in front of me but I seem to remember that Amanda's chart also has a Sun-Mars square which is very common among anyone with anger issues, often killers. However, it's also often very common among victims because they attract rage and abuse as well. (I imagine that many killers often are caught up by how they themselves were previously victimized.) Many people manage the aspect without any events at all in their lives because other aspects in their charts/lives/whatever balance out the energy which can give great energy and vitality. One can see how much anger this aspect can attract just by the way that the Italian Press attacked Amanda. It's highly likely that she wasn't given a fair trial because of it, but I certainly don't have a clue whether she is innocent or not.

I'm very sorry that this gruesome crime occurred.

It's not a bad thing to question how "Justice" is delivered in a case.

Thank you for your comments.

5:57 PM  

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