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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many Happy Sextiles Falling On Your Head

A Yahoo article says that snowflakes are only drawn correctly on Christmas cards if they are shown with Six sides, not five sides or eight. That means they are made up of Sextiles and Trines, the "easy" aspects in Astrology.

Kind of an interesting description of the Easy Aspects described as being formed from "low energy." Now that I think about it I'd hate to see what a snowflake made of squares and inconjuncts would look like. Certainly not something a Church or Santa Claus would let you see.

Snowflakes are made of water molecules that link up via hydrogen bonds. The best and most efficient way to arrange themselves is a hexagonal crystal lattice, Koop explained. So rather than eight sides, snowflakes are bound by physical laws to take on a six-sided shape.

"The resulting hexagonal crystal lattice is the lowest energy form of water at cold ambient conditions," Koop told LiveScience. "As the molecular building blocks arrange themselves into a hexagonal structure on the molecular scale, so do snow crystals exhibit this hexagonal symmetry also on the macroscopic scale."


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