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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pluto Opposes Gemini

How are the Geminis doing right now?

It sort of looks like the opposition from Pluto to their Sun has blanked out huge parts of their lives.

Have to admit that when I think of a Gemini one of the first images that pops into mind is a lover who can't be trusted. Geminis do enjoy a smorgesbord in the love department. Monogamy might be more difficult to those who is interested is so many. The news over the last year keeps coughing up these poor politicians. They are destroying their marriages and careers left and right. Several politicians have bit the big one in their marriages by having affairs and weirdly they all seem to have been Geminis. There was Elliott Spitzer of New York, Governor Sanford of North Carolina, and now John Edwards has split from his wife, Elizabeth because he has fathered a child with another woman. (Keep thinking there was another one, can't remember.) Thing is, these guys all seem to be Geminis and they are falling down because of their very Gemini traits.

Oppositions, even the nature of the very word, represent Relationships, Balancing Acts, Harmonizing. Having the Sun on one side is going to show an Ego Expression. It can get a little out of control. Having Pluto on the other side can show a need to tear down what isn't working. Pluto is represented by the Phoenix who burns up in a flame only to rebuild from ashes. This is supposed to be a purification process that distills and keeps only the essence of what was there before, the true desire nature. So right now Geminis are in a phase where they must focus on what they truly want. For some people that is easy. For a Gemini it is not because it's the natural tendency of this sign to be interested in everything. But when these two energies combine and finally begin to work together magic can happen. (Or, at least, all the growth and enthusiasm that is related to Jupiter/SAdge begins to grow in rapid quantities).

This is also wreaking havoc with Gemini's natural job titles. Anything having to do with Clerical Work is now becoming an out-moded form of work according to this article: http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/108704/9-careers-on-the-way-out?mod=career-work.

Of course, the media has completely changed. Newspapers and Journalists are really struggling with their dwindling numbers. Just recording the facts, M'am, is no longer desired it seems (except for those of us with Gemini strong in our charts). Either you have to analyze the facts (Virgo), give your opinions about the facts (Sagittarius) or show get out into the world and fix the facts that are suffering (Pisces).

Wonder how this relates to sibling and neighbors relationships. I suspect that this is the part that will really suffer in society for a while.

Interesting that the country of India has become a prominent world power because of the experience it gained by working as clerical workers for the English when the English were ruling their country. They were able to branch out into the Western World because they could relate to the Gemini side of it.

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Blogger California Girl said...

I used to think more or less the same things you mention about Gemini. But if you meet one who has a good Saturn and the Sun in the 2nd house, you end up with one who is trustworthy and level headed. Have to look at the big picture.
Incidently, the idea that Gemini is a twin or dual personality is false. They are multiple personalities and you never quite know who they are in any ten minute stretch of time.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Yes, but my point was that this Pluto opposition seems to have brought out the traditional Gemini side in the cases that I showed. Pluto intensifies and magnifies problems and brings them to a head through crisis. This is I suppose because it deals with desire and passion. When pushed I tend to think that Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto types are much more schizy than Gemini, maybe that's just because their bite tends to be much worse than their bark.

12:24 PM  

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