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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Born on the Cancer/Capricorn AP's

A very interesting study has found that a migratory bird, the Arctic Tern, flies the longest distance per year of any bird. This bird literally flies from pole to pole logging in between 36,000 miles and 50,000 miles per year. The North and South Poles on the Astrological Wheel may be represented by the Cancer and Capricorn cusps. They are represented upside down as Cancer rules the North and Capricorn rules the South. Interesting that these birds chose to nest in the North. They lay their eggs right around the time of the Summer Solstice which is the Cancer Cusp.

Wikipedia and another article that I've lost the link to says that these birds are very long lived, average life is 20 years, and they are monogamous. They have quite a romantic courtship dive bombing into each other. Both parents share raising of the kids, the male feeds the female, and other species of birds try to set up their nests around them because they are such fierce protectors of their children.

So, what would their signs be? They like Summer so much they fly from pole to pole each year so they can have two summers.

Well, can't be sure, but the mating season occurs up at the North Pole on the tundra at the end of May and beginning of June. And they lay their eggs 22-27 days after that. This means that the eggs are laid right around the Summer Solstice which is the Cancer AP. Once the kids have their feathers fully greased the entire family bops on down to the South Pole in time for Summer down there. These birds are perhaps magnetically attracted to the Summer Solstice because they are born right on the Aries Point for that Season. (I wonder if Scientists are noticing any weird shifts of behavior right now over where they choose to call home. I'm sure they will know about poles shifting long before any human does.)

I suppose the true birthday is when the birds hatch and I'm not really sure of when that would be. Wikipedia says that they "Fledge" 21-24 days after the eggs are laid. Sounds like a bunch of Michael Phelps style Cancers. They just need to stay out of Vegas and away from the bongs.

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