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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Water Quality

The Environmental Working Group has published a database on water quality of both bottled water and tap water. You can find information about both the bottled water that you drink and the tap water that your local water district provides on their site. They also tell you how to decide how to filter tap water here: http://www.ewg.org/healthyhometips/filtertapwater#identify.

I have no idea where they pull their samples from. In an area with old, crumbling infrastructure every building could be receiving a different quality of water. Each house may have its own bad pipes, but the actual sewer may be leaking into the water quality. I still haven't been able to figure out exactly how this happens. Something about when the sewer pipes get clogged by grease, tree roots, broken pipes the sewer, or sanitary sewer, will back flow into the drinking water supply. I heard some experts talking about their concerns about this happening down in Haiti. Kind of interesting that all those brains in the Silicon Valley don't seem to get it that this same thing is happening in their own towns.

I took some brown stained towels into a Health Department in one of the towns where I found this happening and they said they would have no idea how to test for what's coming out of the water. If your neighbors are cooking sweet and sour pork, your toilet and bathtub may show reddish stains, and you definitely will feel sticky and will be able to smell the stuff (I know, it happened to me along with a lot of other cuisines). But the Health Department will only test for chemicals on their lists of toxic stuff, not for Sweet n'Sour Pork, specifically. Plus, the Health Department was so dark and dingy and dirty I doubt they could possibly do anything about much of anything.

By the time you get around to testing, the neighbors may be flushing Eggs n'Bacon down the pipes anyways. I've been having severe fevers and gum trouble (I'm a Saturn-Pluto person and always have dental problems during Saturn-Pluto transits). My Dentist is from Connecticut or something so he's fairly useless from a social activist point of view. He really enjoys administering anesthesia, though.

So, how to relate this to a transit? Well, we've got Pluto in Capricorn. That's related to anything dirty that you really need to get around to. It's probably related to death and disease through pollution. It could be related to confronting problems of such a nature. Uranus is in Pisces, another Water Sign. Uranus is just as destructive as Pluto in my opinion. It's just related to the part of the process where things are so hopeless that all you have left is hope.

In the meantime, if traveling to any town south of San Francisco in the Bay Area, don't. Go up to Napa or Marin. Never thought I'd be saying this about those people, but at least they know when their shit is stinking.

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