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Friday, January 22, 2010

Space Station Now Hooked Up To Internet

The astronauts now have access to all the porn they want thanks to Scorpio Timothy Creamer who has set up their very first Internet connection. Creamer sent his first Tweet today. Remember when I wrote the post about how the Internet is a Scorpio? Of course you don't. Well it is. Nobody seems to ever give the Scorpios credit. Today, of course, Pluto is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn which adds a Scorpionic flair to all things having to do with Communications (ruled by Mercury). Around the time of the first Tweet I believe Mercury-Pluto would have been in the 3d house of communications.

Tweets can be found here: http://twitter.com/Astro_TJ.

Astronaut Creamer has a natal conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter in Sagittarius which shows great abilities for expanding the world through communications.

Space Travel is ruled by Uranus, of course, and Neptune, and probably Jupiter as well. Today the Sun is conjunct Venus. Around the time of the first Tweet this duo was passing over the IC. That's the IC of the Cape Canaveral Chart. I have no idea how to set up a chart for Space Station time. That makes sense since the Sun disposits to Uranus and Uranus, planet of all things unpredictable and futuristic, is hanging out in Pisces and is unaspected.

Creamer's chart is pretty great to look at. He's born in 1959 and has a natal Saturn-Pluto trine. With Saturn at 5 Capricorn and squaring his Nodal Axis (2 Libra NN - 2 Aries SN) this could be considered a difficult time for Creamer because there is currently a Saturn-Pluto square transiting over this difficult natal aspect. But, hey, Pluto likes a Challenge and nothing offers a better challenge than a good square aspect. Right?

Mars in the chart of the first Tweet is Retrograde in Leo at 13 Leo. Mars is possibly conjunct the Midheaven at the time of the first Tweet. It is retrograde, and most elevated planet in the chart. This is conjunct Kreamer's natal Uranus (Outer Space, Baby) which squares his natal Sun-Mars conjunction. Noel Tyl says that Mars-Uranus combinations represent working in Technology. That certainly seems to be true. This is too much info, but it's interesting that the end of Libra/Scorpio is possibly rising over Earth's Ascendant in the Event Chart. This means that Kreamer's Sun-Mars is passing through H1. His Uranus is right up there with Mars of the Natal Chart.

Mars Stations Direct on March 9,10,11. It will be interesting to see if anything weird happens to the Internet Connection on that date. There might be a big Internet hi-jacking around that date because the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square will be within orb at that point.

Not sure of the official time that he sent but his Twitter Page says that it was around 11 hours ago. That would mean that he sent his message between 12:01 am and 12:30 am, Jan 22, 2010.

First Internet Connection between Earth and Space Station:

Friday, Jan. 22, 2010 very early morning, possibly right after Midnight.

Timothy Creamer the Amazing Tweeting Astronaut From Space
b. Nov. 15, 1959 Upper marlboro, Maryland

Sun 23 Scorpio; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 2 Libra

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