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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6.1 Aftershock in Haiti

This morning Haiti had its biggest aftershock yet with a 6.1 quake. The epicenter is about 30 miles in some sort of direction away from the capital Port-au-Prince but I've set up the chart for Port-au-Prince. This is another major quake and I can only imagine how tramatizing this will be for the survivors, not to mention the rescue workers and medical teams.

The Nodal Axis is placed over the ASC/DESC Axis as in the main earthquake's chart, but it is in the opposite spot where it was during the main earthquake which occurred 8 days ago. The Main Earthquake happened slightly before 5 pm. This aftershock happened around 6 am. So, on is a sort of Sun set chart. The other is sort of a sunrise chart.

6.1 Aftershock, Haiti
Jan 20, 2010 6:03 am Port-au-Prince Haiti

Sun 24 Capricorn; Moon 27 Pisces; ASC 24 Capricorn; MC 6 Scorpio; NN 21 Capricorn

Sun has just changed signs into Aquarius. It is conjunct the ruler of the IC, Venus. Both have changed signs over the week and now disposit to Uranus. Venus rules the IC. Sun-Venus square the IC-MC. I easily overlook Venus' potential for connection with earthquakes. As ruler of an earth sign related to earthly possessions this is probably a big mistake. I also had forgotten that the Sun is often prominently placed around the ASC in charts.

The Moon, natural ruler of the IC (and ruler of an angle in this chart,Desc) is conjunct Uranus in Pisces.

Moon is also opposing Saturn. Although Saturn and Uranus are considered out of orb for an opposition right now they are connected through translation of light theory. They are placed off the angles on the H3-H9 cusps. Uranus still doesn't rule an angle here.

Saturn is squaring Pluto-Mercury.

Dispositorships still strong in this chart, especially when looking at rulers of angles.

Mars 14 Leo Rx, H7. Singleton Fire. Lead Planet of a Locomotor chart. Is unaspected by major aspect to other planets. Minor aspect to Uranus.

Can't get a grasp of the Moon's placement in any of these charts these days.

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