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Friday, January 29, 2010


Today's Full Moon could really turn into a Fool Moon if you're not careful. There are quite a few difficult aspects right now that are within 1 degree orb of each other.

The Sun and Mars are in opposition at 10 Aquarius-Leo. This is certainly a time when a problem could be coming to a head if you have a planet with close orb connection with those points. Don't bite anyone and don't let anyone bite you.

Because Mars is going through a Retrograde phase this is called a synodic cycle. Mars will once again passing over this spot between Apr. 21-24. At that point it will also be in difficult square aspect to the Sun and Mercury(which will be Retrograde). So there could be need to revise what goes wrong right now.

Today's Moon connects into the Sun-Mars opposition. Full Moons are oppositions of the Sun to the Moon. They are emotional in themselves. They control the parts of the physical body ruling water retention and fevers so perhaps one should remember to drink lots of water today to keep things flowing. Also I think I might pop a couple Vitamin C's to keep inflamation (Mars, Sun) down. The earthquake survivors down in Haiti are at most risk right now for problems related to unsanitary conditions and infection.

This is an even more potent contact because Mars has been lead planet in a Locomotive Chart shape. Right now the Moon is Lead Planet and will pass this on to Mars within about an hour or so when the Full Moon is exact.

The longer term and equally difficult Saturn-Pluto square is also in exact aspect today. Saturn and Pluto working together rule Pollution so one can see how difficult the Inflammatory Full Moon/Mars connection could be. Sure wish there was a planet in Virgo today as that could show a positive influence for sanitation along with desire to work through practical details in order to fix the problems.

The keyword for "square" is "Challenge." So if one embraces the challenge as something to be survived and solved one will have the energy devoted to fixing the problem. Saturn right now is actually in positive sextile-trine aspect to the Full Moon so this is possible.

More about today's Full Moon from Yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20100129/sc_space/biggestandbrightestfullmoonof2010tonight.

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