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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PM 2.5 in Los Angeles

You think that driving on the L.A. freeways is bad for you? Just try breathing the air. Thought the smog problem was pretty much cleared up from when I was a kid but guess not.

Heard a unbelievable factoid about the effects of the bad air quality on the inhabitants of Los Angeles on an NPR radio show called "Forum" yesterday. The new head of the EPA in California, Jared Blumenfeld, said that 4 times as many people die every year from breathing the air in Los Angeles as those who die from car accidents.

Link to what I think is the show: http://castroller.com/podcasts/KqedsForum/1485439-Jared%20Blumenfeld

In certain sections of the freeways there are traffic jams almost all day long, and often people are driving 60 mph in the traffic jams. And at the same time people are shooting other people while driving 60 mph in the traffic jams. Now we know that you just have to invite your enemies to yoga class and ask them to do some deep breathing exercises without a gas mask.

The culprit for the air quality is the exhaust and dust from the vehicles. It's called Air Particulate PM 2.5.

Interesting that the chart for the incorporation date for Los Angeles has no planets in Air. Guess we can call it the City That Never Breathes.

On top of that, Mercury (breathing, air passages, cars) is in Aries which disposits to Mars (fire, cars, movement). Mars is in Cancer (lungs). Oh yeah, Mercury squares Mars.

Los Angeles Incorporated
Apr. 4, 1850 Los Angeles, CA

Sun 15 Aries; Moon Capricorn; NN 22 Leo

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