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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Charles I's Bloodstained Shirt

Here's a photo of a silk shirt which is said to have been worn by King Charles I of England at his Execution. There are red stains on the shirt which are thought to be left over blood. Previous examinations of the stains have been inconclusive as to whether or not they really are blood and whether they really are the blood of the King.


I looked up Charles I's chart on Astrotheme and found this:

Charles I
b. Nov. 19, 1600 Dunfermline, Scotland

Sun 29 Scorpio; Moon 19 Taurus; ASC 5 Virgo; MC 25 Taurus; NN 13 Capricorn

My question was this: Why is the Dude's blood stained shirt cycling back into the public consciousness now? Found some crazy stuff and really wonder whether the scientific tests will turn up anything.

The main thing is that Charles I lived so long ago that he is having a secondary progressed Venus Return. It's exact to the Degree at 11 Sagittarius this year. Venus rules clothes. Apparently the guy was a total stud muffin (Scorpio, of course). Van Dyck painted a really famous portrait of him, if I could link to pictures I would put it here:

(((((( ))))))

In addition to the amazing progressed Venus Return, Charles I's progressed Sun and p. Mercury (rulers of 12th House (Ghosts) & Ascendant (physical body)) are in conjunction with his natal North Node. And he is having a Nodal Return!

He is also about to have a progressed Lunar Return as well! It's all just really coming around for him.

He became a legend as a Saint. I guess he was good for the Church but bad for the coffers, so chop chop. This is why I hate politics. Anyway, his blood is something very special for the English. There are stories that the crowd dipped their handkerchiefs in it after he was executed, so maybe this is just another delusional thing for them, sort of like Sasquatch appearances are for the Americans.

Anyhoo, Charles I's Neptune (martyr) is at the perfect spot for a Saint, 1 Virgo. That puts it in the 12th House within conjunction with his Ascendant. On the day that the newspaper published this photo the Sun was at 1 Pisces, directly across.

I think I've got a crush on a headless corpse. Scorpio's are known to be Phoenix's who rise up from their ashes but this is truly amazing. His natal Sun is conjunct his IC (end of life)

d. Jan. 30, 1649

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