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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

0 (Zero)

No astrology here. I'm just wondering a couple of things and am going to post them on the Internet.

Two things I'm wondering.

First of all, I'm wondering about all those defective Toyotas out there on the market right now. The accidents seem to occur mainly in the United States. Does this mean that all the cars that are accelerating out of control on the Freeways were Toyotas that were made in the U.S. by idiot Americans? I heard that the Japanese aren't really upset by all the recalls because they aren't dying in car crashes in their country.

Let me guess. Those defective cars were made by employees who were hired from all the lay-offs from GM and Chrysler. They made American cars for Toyota.

Blame it on a childhood made of Wonderbread.

Second thing I'm wondering about is the Health Care Reform Bill. Has anyone thought of trying to work on it in phases instead of dumping the whole 2,000+ page bill on the drunk Congresspersons' desks? I mean, who can read that and vote yes or no?

Why don't they organize the presentation? Split it up into comprehensive PowerPoint presentations? Walk the Congresspersons' through a couple of Cancer Clinics. Baby Steps. Show them how to file a years' worth of Chemotherapy bills with the Insurance Companies? They'll get a clue at this point, for sure if you really make them sit on the phone with the Insurance Companies. Try taking care of an Alzheimer's patient for a week-end without help. One baby step at a time rather than flushing the whole damn thing down the drain all at once?

Okay, okay. So, this is the U.S. We have to talk about the money thing first. And with nothing but Pluto in Virgos to do the talking nobody but nobody is going to be able to listen to that crap without falling head over heals into a big snore. I mean, anything that's 2,000 pages -- I personally am going to wait for the movie version before I read it. Oh yeah, the movie version was already made by Michael Moore.



Blogger California Girl said...

Think the Toyota nightmare is more linked to executives ignoring last years memo about the dangerous conditions (Pluto in Cap!).
To see the opposition to health care from the Repubs in Congress, you might start here to get insight on Repubs thoughts on money, charity, etc. I particularly like the part about the offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Good point about the execs and the Pluto in Capricorn, CG. Guess the Sagittarius Super Growth period turned into total hell for them. Capricorn/Saturn probably rules brakes. Will look up that link, thanks. Charity ruled by Pisces/Neptune?

11:49 AM  

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