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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Poles Are Shifting

Did I write this anywhere on this blog? I know that I told the hair stylist that the poles were going to shift this year because of the Cardinal Sign stuff, the big t-square and the Eclipses. The Aries Points are the Poles of the Astrological Wheel after all.

Hair Stylist charged me extra for the hair cut. Don't blame her. I was talking crazy stuff. California pressures: Gotta keep it positive, upbeat, and mellow.

And now the Scientists say that the Chile earthquake caused that poles to shift 3". Crazy stuff. Wonder if this is caused by the big icebergs that are breaking off down in Antarctica. Those guys look pretty close together on the map.

Well, the Spring Equinox is coming up... The real Rodeo is supposed to be after the Summer Solstice though.


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