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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Smell A Rat

I keep wondering about the Silicon Valley's Sewer problem. So, I remembered how the Internet was down last April for a day. I wrote about it in my Apr. 9 post called "Fiber Optic Cables Cut, San Jose, CA."

Apparently someone went underground somewhere and intentionally cut the cables in South San Jose and in San Carlos, California. The news reports are full of suspicion and quotes about how we're gonna get the guys and then there's nothing else. Did they ever figure it out?

Then I started to think that these are pretty much the same areas where the sewers are spewing all kinds of undesired problems into the tap water. What if the vandals actually switched the water supply as well? It's just interesting because Campbell, which is a city down in the South doesn't have a problem with water quality. The areas that suffered from the Fiber Optic sabotage are the ones that have the greasy meats coming out of the water. Just try doing your laundry along a laundromat anywhere along El Camino Real.

Looked back at the chart. With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant at 3 Capricorn it sure does look like sabotage. Pluto also rules Sewers.

The Moon was Full within 3 degrees orb and the Sun and Moon opposition is conjunct the IC/MC axis in Aries/Libra.

Mars is conjunct Uranus is right on the 3d House cusp and opposing Saturn in Virgo in the 8th House (Sewers). That's a great chart for cutting and rerouting just about anything in the infrastructure.

So, I googled and found that the Fiber Optic Cables are installed in the Sewer Pipes underground.




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