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Monday, March 29, 2010

Current Suicide Clusters

With the current heavy Outer Planet T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto together with the Neptune-Chiron conjunction I suppose it's good to take a look at Suicide Charts. Sorry, the posts aren't more upbeat, but, it looks like this is the way the ball is bouncing.

So, a freebie newspaper up in Palo Alto called the Daily Post has an article on current Suicide Clusters among children in various spots in the U.S. Article is called "Warning Signs for Parents, Stop Teen Suicide" by Beth J. Harpaz, AP Writer. Suicide rates among kids has gone down apparently since the 1970s so maybe this is an economics thing. Article doesn't say how much it's gone down. Palo Alto is currently one of the towns that is being hit.

Three different sites for the current Suicide epidemic were mentioned in the article. I wrote a post about the Cornell Suicides a few days back, but I didn't look at Cornell's chart so I thought I'd backtrack and look at the charts for the towns that are struggling with this problem.

6 students have committed Suicide so far this school year at Cornell. The town of Palo Alto has had a horrible epidemic with 5 teens killing themselves within the last 10 months. Just last month two teenage girls killed themselves in Norwood, PA. Dates I used, hopefully they are correct, are listed below along with usual astrobabble.

First aspect to look at is: Neptune in conjunction with Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune is connected with suicide, escapism, and feeling hopeless. Chiron represents a healer who can't heal his own problem. And Aquarius represents Group Activities. Jupiter was in conjunction with Neptune and Chiron for a very long time over the Summer. This is a super blissful, but unrealistic set of connections. If Doctors and Media were credible they'd tell us right off the bat which of these kids was taking anti-d's just so we'd all know what we're dealing with upfront. (Just saw an amazing chart about how the oceans are totally polluted with this things and are killing the fish.)

It's important to realize that the teenagers right now were born with Pluto in Scorpio. That means that the planet of Death is placed very strongly in its own sign. Pluto is very emotional, will tend to bottle up its feelings and then explode. Pluto can also be vengeful and manipulative. Either way, this generation will think about death more than the usual generation. Well, I'm part of the Neptune in Scorpio folks and we were sort of open to the idea as well. (as a matter, of fact, we were the 1970s statistics).

I looked very quickly and found one amazing coincidence in the charts between all three places. All three places have natal Saturn in Libra and the Nodal Axis on the Aries Libra pole. All three spots are just starting their Saturn Returns. Saturn is currently very afflicted by its current transit. And the Eclipse Sets are currently affecting this sign very strongly as well.

A Planetary Return cycle is a time when a planet completes one complete rotation from its natal spot. This represents one complete cycle of development in a person's life. No reason to think that it shouldn't represent the same in the life of a town or a chair or a dog or a cat. The Solar Return, or annual Birthday, is a time of Celebration. That's because the Sun rules things having to do with Celebration. Saturn, on the other hand, represents Maturity, Leadership, Status in Society. On an emotional level, Saturn can really struggle. If Success hasn't been achieved then Saturn struggles with feelings of failure and lack of achievement. Saturn, is one of the keys planets to look at for signs of depression. Having a Saturn Return right now would be very difficult because Saturn is so debilitated by transit. I pointed out how the town in Florida, Deerfield Beach is having problems with its kids beating each other up. That town is going through a Uranus Return right now. Uranus is opposing Saturn so caught up in the same difficult transit along with Pluto. Saturn Returns are more difficult now that Pluto is in Saturn's Sign and is squaring Saturn itself. Uranus is there as well, Uranus is disruptive and expresses itself in shocking ways. Since Saturn is considered well placed (exhalted) in Libra I think this is odd, astrowise.

The Nodal Axes are all on the Aries/Libra pole as well in the natal charts. The Nodal Axis, in very simplistic terms, rules "Destiny."

I looked at the natal placements for Saturn.

Norwood, PA has Saturn conjunct Mars and maybe Moon on its South Node in Libra.

Palo Alto, CA has Saturn opposing Sun. And also has South Node in Libra but out of orb for conjunction with Saturn. Norwood and Palo Alto were both incorporated within a year of each other during the big conjunction of Neptune to Pluto in Gemini, and Jupiter was very close by as well. This could describe a tendency to "wipe out" in areas related to anything Gemini, which is school kids. Cornell has Saturn conjunct its North Node in Libra with Sun within 10 degree orb of conjunction with its South Node (out of Sign in Taurus).

Cornell has natal Saturn 27 Libra Rx conjunct NN 30 Libra. This widely opposes its Sun at 8 Taurus.

So, I wonder how this could be useful to the areas which are afflicted? How to handle a difficult Saturn transit? Read Liz Greene's Book Saturn: A New Look At an Old Devil. Saturn is about Ambition, Career, Status, Boundaries, Leadership, Governance, Time, Waiting, Insecurities about Failure and Depression.

Palo Alto's progressed Mars is conjunct its natal Aries Sun to the degree at 27 Aries so that sort of indicates some problems having to do with fires, airplane crashes, houses blowing up.

Cornell University
Founded apr. 27, 1865

Sun 8 Taurus; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 30 Libra

Saturn 27 Libra Rx
P. Sun 27 Virgo

Norwood, PA
Inc. Nov. 6, 1893

Sun 15 Scorpio; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 19 Aries

Saturn 20 Libra
P.Sun 13 Pisces

Palo Alto, CA
Inc. Apr. 16, 1894

Sun 27 Aries; Moon Virgo; NN 10 Aries

Saturn 22 Libra Rx
P.Sun 19 Leo

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