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Friday, March 26, 2010

School Beatings in Deerfield, Florida

A town in Florida is in the news for continuously bad reasons. Two students who attend its Middle School have been tragically beaten by other students this past year. Most of the kids involved are 15 years old. I don't have any of their birth dates, which is just as well. Besides the fact that the Child Development books I've been looking at say that 15 year olds are just going through a bad phase, I thought I'd take a quick look at the chart of the town to see if anything cropped up to see if anything would indicate why this particular town would be having problems. It seems that there have been other problems here, some guy beat a homeless man to death. The 9/11 bombers stayed here for a night in early September, 2001. What a drag.

Found a couple of interesting things.

Deerfield Beach, Florida
inc. June 11, 1925

Sun 21 Gemini; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 8 Leo

Deerfield Beach is currently going through a Uranus Return in Pisces. Natal Uranus is at 26 Pisces. Natal Uranus is trining natal Mars 21 Cancer which indicates there might be some impulse control problems somehow connected with the town. Mars in Cancer can, of course, show trouble at home. Deerfield Beach also has a conjunction of Lilith to Mars which adds to the trouble making situation. This place is probably a mini Peyton place. The incorporation chart also has Venus and Pluto in Cancer, widely spaced apart. With these planets in the sign of the home and family one can expect some problems in these areas and also heightened emotional struggles. The place even attracts suicide bombers. There would be some sort of magnetic draw to these problems that are not explainable.

The current Mars Rx is also keeping Mars within orb of a transiting trine with Uranus right now (off and on). So, this mirrors the Mars-Uranus trine energy shown in the incorporation chart for the city. They might consider checking their electrical infrastructure. Perhaps there are problems in that area. Ungrounded electrical or out of control emf's can cause emotional problems.

Another interesting thing to consider with this city's chart is that it has Sun and Mercury in Gemini. Gemini rules school kids, siblings and neighbors. The natal Mercury is placed very strongly in the incorp. chart because it is in its own sign and is unaspected. With Sun at 20 Gemini, the town was directly in the line of sight for the last big Saturn-Pluto aspect which was the opposition back in 2001-2. Maybe explains the connection with the 9/11 attacks.

Just for the Hell of it I looked up the publication date for the book which all school kids used to have to read in middle school. Guess maybe they don't read it anymore and perhaps ought to. That's Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. Like a lot of books that become successful for authors, the book was published within two days of his Solar Return, on Sept. 17, 1954. (Golding was born Sept. 19, 1911).

The chart for the book has Saturn at 7 Scorpio and a North Node at 12 Capricorn conjunct Mars 12 Capricorn. By coincidence, Deerfield Beach incorporation chart has Saturn at 9 Scorpio Rx squaring the Nodal Axis. This reflects the bullying nature that a difficult Saturn-Pluto aspect can describe. Right now there is a very difficult t-square between these two planets and Uranus.

I saw an interview on Larry King Live about these beatings. The boy who was attacked in October was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire by a gang of boys (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius). He is having a miraculous recovery.

The girl who was beaten last week is still in a coma. The boy who beat her apparently found his brother who had suicided back in October and is obviously in a state of grief. Apparently he was having words back and forth over a cell phone with his victim and she mentioned the death.

Dates and a little astrobabble for the attacks.

Both happened close to 3 pm in the afternoon, 5 months apart.

Mars within a degree of the same spot for both attacks due to the Retrograde transit.

Michael Brewer, Age 15, set on fire at apartment complex by gang of boys. 60-80 percent of his body is burned. He jumps into pool.

Oct. 12, 2009 police dispatched at 3:14 pm, Lime Tree Apartments, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Sun 20 Libra; Moon 8 Leo; NN 26 Capricorn; ASC (for 3:10pm)7 Aquarius; MC 22 Scorpio

Moon conjunct Descendant, Mars just past conjunction with Descendant, is conjunct SN
Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in H1
Venus conjunct Saturn in Virgo conjunct Mercury in Libra in H8 opposing Uranus 24 Pisces and squaring Pluto
Mars 29 Cancer

Josie Lou Ratley, Age 15 beaten into coma by Wayne Treacy, Age 15
is thought to have been goaded on by mutual friend, Kayla Manson, Age 13

Mar. 17, 2009 about 2:45 pm school bus stop at Deerfield Middle School

Sun 28 Pisces; Moon 19 Aries; ASC 26 Cancer; MC 18 Aries; NN 18 Capricorn Rx

Sun conjunct Uranus (H9) opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto
Mars in H1
Venus and Moon conjunct MC
Mars 1 Leo trine Sun-Uranus, sextile Saturn

Wayne Treacy found his brother's body after the brother had hung himself. This is supposedly 1 or 2 days after Treacy's 15th birthday (Solar Return). The brother was 30 years old, going through a divorce and struggling with finances. Saturn Return.

Oct. 10, 2009 Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deerfield Beach kids, read Lord of the Rings. Do something nice for the victims. I pray that Josie will come out of her coma and be fine. Some of her artwork was shown on Larry King and she is extremely talented. Michael Brewer seems like a total Saint. He now plans to go into social work to help others.

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