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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healthcare Bill and Sibley Chart

Probably this is all over the Internet, I just couldn't find the information.

The Chart for the United States which was figured by Sibley, the one with the Sagittarius Rising, has 1 Libra Midheaven.

I wonder if Obama really will manage to get the Healthcare Bill smooshed through Congress tomorrow. Have no idea if this is the correct chart, of course.

July 4, 1776 5:10 pm Philadelphia, PA

This means that Saturn is currently conjunct the Midheaven. That's the natural ruler for the President, Government, Civilization. Jupiter and Saturn are said to rule the two major political parties but I can't remember which is which. Bills is on the floor of the passenger seat, I'll get it later.

Saturn is involved in this t-square which shows a major challenge. Currently Saturn is opposing the Sun which is conjunct the IC of the chart (public). Uranus is also opposing from Pisces (charity, etc.) and the 3d House. Uranus rules the future and hopes and wishes. It probably rules Unity. Pluto is squaring from the first house. This is going to show self-reliance, and also perhaps selfishness, though.

And the thing with t-squares is that they are supposed to find resolve through the empty leg opposite the t-square. In this case Venus and Jupiter are in this spot at 3-5 Cancer in the 7th House.

What a potent combination on the angles. Jupiter rules this chart. And Venus rules the 6th House of Health and also the Midheaven!

Wow, he might really do it. Saturn pushes and it is in its favorite spot. North Node in Capricorn as well. South Node within conjunction of natal Sun.

Progressed Moon (public, caring) is in a great spot as well, at 20 Virgo (health) and is approaching conjunction with Neptune in Virgo (dissolving boundaries/health).

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