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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Missing Birth Dates of the 1928 Heroes

1928 has been sticking out for me as a real pain in the buttox ever since I started writing this blog. A great deal of people who I consider to be "real heroes" were born during this year. No Ooga. No Booga. No politics. Weird personalities sometimes. And real answers. People who have looked at a big problem and have come up with real solutions and yet their ideas and their works are getting passed over.

The problem for me with these people is how difficult their birth dates are to find over the internet. With the astrology I've been floundering around thinking that this is just a really cool crop of Gemini North Node people who had some sort of Geminian way of fixing things. I used to have a Gemini girlfriend who could literally fix anything with a paper clip. She fixed the CD player. She crawled under the house and fixed the plumbing. Do not ever underestimate the abilities of a Gemini Female and her paper clip.

The first of these heroes is Jack Kevorkian. Okay, so he's weird. And he sort of kills people. But, I watched my Father get unplugged and my Sister In Law die from chemotherapy poisoning and so I tend to wonder what's up with that "Do No Harm" line anyway? So, I've talked about Jack Kevorkian before and won't go into that now. Either because he's fearless or because he was convicted as a criminal and sent to jail he has divulged his birth date to the public. Anyway, a Doctor who was sad to see his patients suffer. Imagine that.

The other two 1928 folks are probably even more incredible because what they do ought to have been common practice from the second they introduced their ideas to the world. Since I'm studying the effects of early transits on child development I sort of wonder if this is related to some sort of early retrograde. I suppose that being born a year before the Great Depression began and sandwiched between two World Wars might have something to do with this in a bunch of ways. But that's all theory and would require a really long post.

The first is Australian Bill Mollison who introduced the idea of Permaculture in 1978, a self-sustaining form of agriculture which he has practiced in all types of weathers and environments. Mollison developed the practice along with David Holmgren, born in 1955.

There are books and videos about Mollison's work for anyone who's interested. An entire self sustaining housing project was built in the 1970s in Davis, California. Problem with Davis is that it has very little water. By shaping the land and placing certain plants in certain spots the builder (not Mollison) managed to create an entire complex that created its own food supply. The houses are set into the land for maximum energy conservation. I believe during the first years the plants needed to be watered in order to set the place up, but once, established they could thrive on only the 8" annual rain fall that Davis regularly receives.

There was a conjunction of Pluto to the North Node in Libra in 1978. Perhaps that's a bad time?

Uranus would have had a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio in 1976 when Thomas Hanna introduced the idea of Somatics in 1976. Maybe this was too revolutionary an idea? One must wait until Saturn is squaring Pluto in order to get people to pay attention to their stiffness and pain?

Hanna introduced an anti-aging bodywork technique which hopefully the Pluto in Leo's will benefit from, if they know about it. On a video published by the TV program Thinking Allowed called "Unlocking Your Body, Regaining Youth Through Somatic Awareness." Hanna teaches the interviewer Jeffrey Mishlove a few simple exercises and within minutes Mishlove's stiff body is bending into all kinds of pretzel configurations. It's really remarkable. Hanna was killed prematurely in an auto accident in the Summer of 1990.

Hanna says that the stiffness in old age doesn't happen because bones and muscles break down or deteriorate, but because there is an amnesia that sets in between the brain and the motor responses. This amnesia can be alleviated by the "somatic cat stretch."

So, I've been fumbling along looking and looking for these guys birth dates over the years to no avail. And the reason why I'm mentioning them now is because of the planetary aspects of 1928 and today.

This Summer we will experience a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of Aries. It's got me pretty spooked because it's involved in a t-square with Saturn and Pluto-NN are at the apex. But, back in 1928 there was also a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 1 Aries in January, 1928. Pluto was in the Cardinal Sign as it is now, but out of orb in Cancer. Saturn was in Sagittarius which makes a big difference, I suppose.

I'm at the point with my stupid research project where I'm daunted by the task of trying to edit the tangles out so I'm feeling pretty negative right now. And just had to look at what truly inspires me. And these guys really do. And, of course, I can't find their damned birth dates.



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