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Monday, March 01, 2010

Native American "Scorpion" Calendar found in Central California

Back in the day when Californians used to look up at the sky to see what was up there instead of what is in their big fat narcissistic egos.

Back in the day.... before the extreme lawn plantings and the divorces and the sunglasses and the psychologists and the convertibles, California had people who could sit still. And they could look up at the sky! And, I repeat, they could sit still...

Well, some things never change. Same as today, I doubt the Californians were sober back then. If you've ever seen the Sun set over the Pacific Ocean in November, or watched the Whales swimming up North to breed, you know why this is.

Recently found: a Scorpion carving on a tree in San Luis Obispo County is now thought to have been a Chumash motif showing the constellation Ursa Major traveling around Polaris the North Star.

A paleontologist working in Arroyo Grande named Rex Saint Onge discovered the "Scorpio Tree" in Fall 2006 up in the Santa Lucia Mountains. There is a type of astrolocality technique which splays the 12 signs of the Zodiac over the Globe. I've forgotten what it's called, but do remember that the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio split right around this area. If you know anything about California you know how much the environment changes right around this area. Southern California is open chapparal. The light is so bright it's actually really difficult to see without sunglasses. The people are open and sunny. Northern California is greener, darker and sort of sparkly. The light casts long dark shadows.

So, I think it's extremely interesting that the Scorpion motif for a constellation is found right at this spot. And the astrology for the finding corresponds really well. In Fall of 2006 Jupiter was changing signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius and was moving toward conjunction with Pluto! Both Venus and Mars were in Scorpio that month as well.


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