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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Astrological Techniques for Reading for Children of Divorce

Right now we're in a difficult time for marriage and family. The Outer Planet t-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is opposing the sign of Cancer which rules loving, caring families. It will take super human effort to keep the Cancer ideals alive right now. Uranus rules Divorce and a need to break free suddenly. The way this is done might impose too much cruelty on other family members as Saturn and Pluto working together create selfishness and ruthlessness, blame and grief. There is a feeling that everyone is on his own and no one is beholden to anyone else. People want to move on but they may not know where to move on to because through all the drive to break away they have lost touch with basic feelings and what they need.

People who chose to divorce right now will have an extra difficult time managing. Relationships are more complicated right now because of financial uncertainty and social unrest. Children who go through their parents' divorce will be more likely to have long term traumatic side effects because of the extra lessons in "Advanced Relationship Skills" that are being taught right now. I'm not saying to stay in a destructive relationship, but parents who can't be civil right now ought to try going for a whole year of counseling before finalizing anything. If you cooperate right now you are making a huge positive investment in your childrens' future well being.

Here's a link to my other blog in which I've been matching up the age that a child is when his or her parents divorce with the first planetary cycle that he/she has just completed.

What I'm finding is that this planetary phase becomes a major part of a child's personality and might even hook him very strongly into successive planetary return phases.

That blog has completely drained me. Turns out that Step-parents use the Internet to bitch about their step-children. One woman is writing a blog and "borrowing" my ideas about child development. She has absolutely no experience in counseling. Her pictures shows wild Medusa hair and crossed arms. Not to be fooled with. And a thief. Where in my childhood have I met that? The psychology field is suddenly waking up to the fact that divorce is traumatic for the child. It's a Hot Topic, but none of these "professionals" seems to want to let the kids talk. Anyway, this is what I've been so pissed off about for the last year or so.

I'm starting at the beginning ages and working forward. So the blog has posts going backwards.

I'm breaking down childhood year by year but that doesn't necessarily follow the return cycles. Will get it straight some day. Or maybe Medusa will beat me to the punch.

If anybody who is into astrology grew up in divorce and is interested in being a guinea pig please leave a message. I just need to know what age you were when your parents split. So far I've just been looking at successful people from divorce.

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