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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sarah Palin's Backyard

Poor Sarah Palin.

Poor, Poor Sarah Palin.

I never thought I'd be able to say that and mean it but for the next 5 months I really do mean it. This is as far below the belt as one can lay a punch: A journalist-writer-guy, Joe McGinniss, has moved into the house next door to Palin's intending to write an unauthorized biography about her called Sarah Palin's Year of Living Dangerously. Don't know if Joe can see Russia, but, have seen the photos and Joe (not the plumber) literally has a view straight down into her backyard.

Isn't Summer mostly daylight up in Alaska? I mean, for 22 hours of the day that guy is going to have every type of spy-cam trained on to every inch of that house along with amplified microphones that will pick up every pin drop.

Sarah's a double Aquarius but her Sun and Moon are in her 4th House of Home. She's got Capricorn on the IC. I guess that means that homelife just tends to get straight under her skin. Either way, if you want to attack her then the thing that will upset her the most is going after her family and homelife. Maybe her Aquarius will take over and she'll just make friends with the guy and ask him to move in.

According to Wikipedia Joe was born on:

Dec. 9, 1942 New York City? or Massachusetts.

Hey, isn't that Pearl Harbor Day? Sort of seems like it might be. Ah, heck no, Pearl Harbor Day was on Dec. 7, not Dec. 9 and in 1941, not 1942. Guess the planets didn't rotate too much that whole year cause this guy is sort of stuck in attack mode.

Joe McGinniss, according to Wikipedia

Sun 17 Sagittarius; Moon probably in Capricorn (shit), maybe Sadge but I don't think so; NN 29 Leo

Can you imagine having a creepy Capricorn Moon move in next door knowing that he's watching your every move? Didn't Alfred Hitchcock already make this movie? Maybe McGinniss sort of thinks of himself as a dead Jimmy Stewart.

Seriously, on the surface Joe is just a silly Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius. A fun guy. That's a perfect combination for having strong opinions about all things of surface value. Joe was given this opportunity by his publisher, probably dreamt it up while he was drunk, and now he's going to run with it. Maybe he can even pull it off. Maybe a bear will eat him.

So, with all that Sadge, Joe's got all kinds of opinions about stuff that doesn't matter and he writes about them. Honest to God, he doesn't have a clue how he could stoop so low, because at one time, long long ago, like all the rest of us who went to College, Joe once had ambitions to be a serious journalist. At this point, though, probably even Rush Limbaugh is blushing in embarrassment over Joe's contorted ambitions. Joe's Sadge stellium trines his Leo North Node which is in conjunction with Chiron. He maybe has sort of just relaxed into settling for being a half-assed writer. Obviously it pays the bills.

The 3d house rules neighbors and it turns out that Joe's Sadge Sun-Mercury-Venus is in Sarah Palin's 3d house of neighbors. They were just meant to roast up some weenies in the backyard together on those fun Saturday afternoons -- just that Joe will be up in the 2d story window, drinking a beer, talking on his cell to New York, and filming Sarah and her kids the whole time. I bet he even blasts the stereo all night long. Has probably had special woofers and tweeters installed. The Gitmo attitude just plain old sucks. These creeps are out there. That's for certain.

The good neighbor bonding thing between the two charts goes even deeper. Sarah Palin's 3d house, my o my, the gift that keeps on giving. Sagittarius rules Sarah Palin's 3d House cusp and ruler, Jupiter, is closely conjunct her Descendant in Aries (within a degree). That ties her house of open enemies in with her neighbor situation. And, of course, it ties her in with the Sagittarians. And they are quite territorial people. And Aries is the God of War, no further explanation needed. But Sarah likes having Sagittarius types of neighbors. They are hunters. Just it's not real fun being the hunted. The Bears are more civilized, after all. Or, at least, it's legal to aim one's bazooka at a bear who's staring into your back yard. Sagittarius also rules Lawyers so I bet there will be a few of those attending the cook outs as well.

Sarah Palin
b. Feb. 11, 1964 9:43 pm Sandpoint, ID

Sun 23 Aquarius; Moon 7 Aquarius; ASC 16 Libra; MC 19 Cancer; NN 10 Cancer Rx

I already said that Palin's got Sun and Moon in her 4th house. Pretty interesting to notice that the July 11 Total Solar Eclipse will be right over her IC/MC axis which rules home, family and career. Looks like it's already taking effect. The transiting Nodes just passed over this same axis within the last couple of weeks and its very widely conjunct Pluto (power trips).

Hey Sarah, I hear that Joe's house in Massachusetts is empty this Summer... Maybe you could move in there. Sagittarians are anal retentive so it's actually not too difficult to mess with their heads.

Either way, for anyone who reads this please send Joe a valentine or something. The guy is seriously desperate for attention:

Joe Mcginniss (413) 230-306X 7 Pine Tree Cir, Pelham, MA 0X002-9765

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