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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Apples to Oranges

For some dumb reason I started wondering what signs various fruits and nuts are. I've mentioned several species of wildlife and what signs they tend to be. Most are born in Spring and Summer, of course, for practical reasons.

Back when I tried to garden I remember reading the seed packets to see when to plant vegetables and herbs. They don't generally grow in the middle of Winter no matter what but I do remember that most have particular time lines which distinguish them from each other. Some that grew better in early Spring mid-Summer, or early Fall than in middle of Winter.

In Northern Climates there will be a lot more Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo foods than the others. In warmer climates many foods are harvested in Winter. So that means that Californians and Floridians get to eat more Capricorns, Aquarians and Pisces than New Englanders and Wisconsinites (whatever they call themselves).

So, I was thinking about Apples. They are from Washington State and New England mostly and are harvested in late Summer and Fall. They are Virgos. And that saying "An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away." How Virgo is that? Health, Doctors, and Daily Habits. And just think of the Biblical connection with the sign of Libra and Eve. Isn't it interesting how the innocent apple hanging on the tree became the seductress fruit of the serpent? Maybe Apples born under the sign of Scorpio are poisonous. Seems a bit late in the season.

Then I was thinking about Oranges. And, because I live in California, I know how incredible it is to walk down a street in December and see a lush green tree full of these beautiful orange globes. If there is a freeze, which often occurs for about a week in either December or January, a season's crop will be destroyed.

It turns out that Valencia Oranges follow the average Springtime Harvest so most of these fruits will be Aries and Tauruses.

Naval Oranges have their peak season in mid-winter to early spring. This means that they are probably mostly Aquarians and Pisces. They come along with their Vitamin C right at cold and flu season.




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