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Monday, May 24, 2010

"Off With Her Head!!"

If you didn't see the latest remake of Alice in Wonderland then you certainly ought to. You can't go wrong with Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. But the person who stole the show was Helena Bonham Carter playing the most bizarre and evil Queen of Hearts you can imagine.

At any rate, when you hear "Off With His Head!" and you're interested in Astrology, often you just have to wonder if the 27th degree of Taurus is somehow involved. For some reason this year I was paying more attention than usual, maybe because I saw the movie. Fixed Star Caput Algol is at 26 degrees Taurus 10 degrees and when the Sun hits that degree you had better watch your throat.

I first heard about this Star when Bob Marks mentioned it on his Forum. That particular year there was an actual news story of a grown son who murdered his Mother and her pet Poodle ... and creepily ... he beheaded them. This year there was yet another story of a grown Son who beheaded his Mother. I seem to remember that the Sun was at early Taurus and there was some other planet at or very close to 27 Taurus.

Kind of interesting that Mother's Day is in May and comes about a week before the Sun hits this degree...

In addition to beheadings this Star symbolizes total evil. There's a better description of it here.


At any rate, I saw an incredible movie about Leo Tolstoy a couple of weeks ago, The Station Agent. The movie is about a huge change he had made halfway through life. Tolstoy was born a nobleman and became a famous writer and then in middle age he suddenly became a political reformer who sort of helped urge on the revolution in Russia. The movie shows how as an old man he was trying to live in both worlds, conflicted between his wife and family commitments and his loyalties to help fund "the Revolution." through his will.

According to the Wikipedia Biography of him, one of the big events that changed Tolstoy's outlook was a trip he took through Europe where he witnessed a Beheading in France. By coincidence, this event happened to occur right as Tolstoy's progressed Sun was approaching Caput Algol. Can't really remember, think it may have been 26 Taurus and Algol is at 27 degrees. Too lazy to look it up.

So, then lately I began to wonder about how the Queen of Hearts would show up in Lewis Carroll's chart. I wrote a book report on Lewis Carroll when I was a kid and I seem to believe that he never married. A Moon in Taurus? Venus? I looked up his chart and .... no. I couldn't find a connection.

Lewis Carroll
b. Jan. 27, 1832 3:45 am Daresbury, England

Sun 7 Aquarius; Moon 4 Sagittarius; ASC 4 Sagittarius; NN 13 Leo; MC 2 Libra

So, I looked up the chart of Alice Liddell, the little girl for whom Alice in Wonderland is named. Turns out she was heavily Taurean with Sun 15 Taurus conjunct a huge stellium at the beginning of Taurus: Pluto 1 Taurus, Uranus 4 Taurus, Mercury 8 Taurus Rx, and Saturn 9 Taurus and then the Sun.

Alice was 10 when Lewis Carroll first told her and her siblings the beginnings of the story at a picnic on July 4, 1862. Alice's progressed Sun was at 25 Taurus. The kids spent the next 2 years nagging Lewis Carroll (Not his real name) to write it down which he had done by November, 1864. The book was published the next year in 1865, the same year that Alice's Sun was exactly conjunct Caput Algol at 27 Taurus.

So, that's the best I can do making a connection between The Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland and Caput Algol. Go see the movie. It's great. Caput Algol also symbolizes great creativity.

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