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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Flash Crash 2:45

On May 6, 2010 the Stock Market wigged out after lunch and made the 2d biggest point drop ever, around 1,000 points, before regaining most of its value by the closing bell. Whew, who mixed up those martinis?

A while back I wondered if the Saturn-Uranus opposition would cause some sort of techno/trader weirdness in the Market. There was a conjunction of Saturn to Uranus back in the big crash of 1987 which seems like it may have been a cause factor. That conjunction was in Sagittarius and right on top of the 2d house cusp in the Opening Bell chart. (Oct. 17, 1987) I sort of think that with Saturn and Uranus trying to cooperate there tends to be some of that same annoying thing where man has to chase the machine he has created. Turns out that this crash probably has more to do with Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces.

I'm not sure if anyone's located a cause for the crash. I mean, why May 6? Well, Mercury was Rx .... nah, Mercury goes Rx 3x a year every year year after year. Anyway, they never really seem to come up with reasons for why these crashes happen. The Sun is in the 11th House every day at Opening Bell, that's a good starter reason. Good old 11th House wake up call.

Flash Crash Opening Bell
May 6, 2010 9:30 am New York, NY

Sun 16 Taurus (H11); Moon 21 Aquarius (H8); ASC 13 Cancer; MC 23 Pisces; NN 15 Capricorn

Market begins to drop
May 6, 2010 1:00 pm New York, NY

Moment of Impact
May 6, 2010 2:45 pm New York, NY

In addition to the Mercury Rx 4 Taurus (H11), there are a number of biggees. The Nodal Axis was conjunct the ASC/DESC in the Opening Bell. And Pluto had just barely preceded it by about 9 degrees. That weakens things. I figured it indicated sabotage of some sort, but it could have just as easily been the Martians or the Martinis.

The Saturn opposition to Jupiter-Uranus was very close to the IC/MC axis. Times when this opposition hits one of the angles might be better for some of the techno gliche activity.

There was also a volatile t-square with Sun 15 Taurus squaring Moon 21 Aquarius opposing Mars 15 Leo. These 3 show some kind of emotional trigger thing. Here they in the Resources Signs in the Resources Houses so in a Stock Market chart I suppose one could expect something big to happen on that day, especially with the Nodal Axis hanging over the ASC/DESC line.

After lunch this t-square passes over the Ascendant. The Sun is conjunct the Midheaven. And the Moon is shootin shit with Neptune and Lilith on the Descendant. Neptune and Lilith? Martinis involved.

Mercury and Venus are in Mutual Reception so this shows ability for a lot of chatter in the markets. And Mercury is Retrograde which is great for any kind of clerical error. Supposedly the computers took over and were placing trades on their own according to mathematical principles. The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception had to have something to do with that as well.

The bottom of the market hit around 2:45. Venus was conjunct the Midheaven. I guess the traders quit trading. The Sun was in the 9th House in a Grand Trine with the Virgo Ascendant and the North Node. Maybe some sort of foreign investment deal made?

Today I found a link on a blog to a Wall St. Journal article (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424052748703957604575272791511469272.html) which compares this Flash Crash with a Flash Crash from 1962:

1962 Flash Crash
May 29, 1962

Sun 8 Gemini (H11); Moon 15 Aries (c. MC); ASC 2 Leo; MC 17 Aries; NN 13 Leo Rx;

The Sun is again apex of a t-square from H11. This time it squares Pluto Virgo (H2) opposing Chiron (H8).

Interesting other connections. Again, there's a Mercury Rx so Mercury is looking suspicious.

It's interesting that both crashes occur in May. Taurus takes up most of the Month and Taurus rules Money and Banks so could be the culprit. But the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in different signs in each year. The WSJ article says that complacency among traders might have been one of the major reasons because both of these crashes were preceded by years in which there was a steep rise in the market.

Also interesting is that both Jupiter and Chiron were in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter and Pisces need to learn how to handle their alcohol better. These things always happen after lunch. Anyways, the Sun mosies over the Midheaven sometime round noon and goes into a sort of giddey-up rodeo act as it travels through the 9th House of the Centaur and down into the 8th where it gains equilibrium.

I looked at some of the suspected causes given for this last Flash Crash on Wikipedia and tried to relate them through astrolocality to see if any looked prominent. Some company out in the Midwest is blamed for posting a trade that went berserk. This is where the Chiron line goes through. Since Chiron is in the same sign in both charts maybe this would be a good place to look.

****NOTE ADDED 10/8/10: According to editorial in USATODAY (10/7/10 issue) "Flash-crash analysis leaves investors reason to worry" the reason for the crash is related to a money management firm in Kansas, Waddell & Reed. The firm "decided to unload $4 billion in stock futures contracts, using a computer algorithm programmed to sell regardless of price, so long as trading volume stayed robust. High-frequency traders provided that volume as their computers bought and sold rapid fire, creating a kind of feedback loop that signaled Waddell's computers to keep selling even as the prices of the futures contracts, and the underlying stocks, plunged." "If anything, the report is disquieting in how long it took to simply figure out what happened, and in its lack of concrete proposals for preventing a recurrence. The truly scary thing is that all this happened in a relatively benign trading environment." Chiron can't heal its own problems and in the sign of Pisces we definitely get the sense that there's stuff out there that can't be figured out. Merc Rx never helps, of course.

There was some mention about some kind of currency exchange situation with Japan and that looks a bit suspicious as well because a Pluto line runs between Japan and North Korea. Jupiter is in Pisces in both Flash Crash charts so Jupiter lines might show something. I don't understand how the market works enough to say either way.

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