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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Two Into the One.

Yahoo News posted an article celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the bra. Should have read through the whole thing to figure out how they come up with 100 years but once I figured that they weren't planning on giving dates I had to go somewhere else. I'd sort of like to think that the big wigs at Yahoo sometimes don't have their facts straight. Maybe they were just flumoxed by their subject. More likely I don't have my facts straight. Either/Or, Check this out.

The idea for the Bra in its relatively modern form was "born" in 1913 by a New York Socialite Mary Phelps-Jacobs. This was the year that Pluto was moving from Gemini into Cancer. In a sense, "the twins" had found a new "home."

Mary Phelps-Jacobs
b. Apr. 20, 1891

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon Virgo; NN 8 Gemini

Sun here is opposing Innovative Uranus. The NN in Gemini is also a signature of an inventor, especially when it's heavily aspected at the apex of a big t-square:

NN-Pluto-Neptune-Mars conjunction squaring an opposition of Jupiter 10 Pisces to Saturn 11 Virgo. The unaspected side of this square is Sagittarius, the sign that needs Independence. A Woman here would not be able to stand the constricted corsets of the time.

Bra Patented
Nov. 3, 1914 Washington DC

Sun 11 Scorpio; Moon Taurus; NN 3 Pisces Rx

This was a Full Moon, how appropriate.

Venus (women) in the Patent Chart was at 13 degrees in sporty Sagittarius. Venus wouldn't like to feel constricted in this freedom loving sign and she just happens "to fill out" the empty t-square of Phelps-Jacobs' natal t-square. Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus in Aquarius. Can't find a more freedom loving combo than that.

Saturn was in conjunction with Pluto at 2-3 degrees Cancer, showing how the Twins were going Corporate in their new home.

Unfortunately Mary couldn't manage to sell her new product. Mercury was Retrograde on this date at 20 Scorpio.

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