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Friday, June 18, 2010

Solstice and Eclipses for Next Month, 2010

Summer Solstice, 2010

June 21, 2010 7:29 am EDT, Washington, DC

Sun 1 Cancer (H12); Moon 30 Libra (H4); ASC 22 Cancer (unaspected by planets); MC 6 Aries (c. Jupiter-Uranus from H9); NN 13 Capricorn (H6) c. Pluto 5 Capricorn

Partial Lunar Eclipse
June 26, 2010; 7:30 am EDT, Washington, DC

Sun 5 Cancer (H12); Moon 5 Capricorn (H6); ASC 30 Cancer; MC 15 Aries; NN 13 Capricorn

Chart very similar to Summer Solstice chart except that the Moon and Mercury are in conjunction with the Sun-Pluto opposition of the Summer Solstice chart. The Moon rules both charts.

Solstice Chart has a Grand Square (mostly Cardinal) that is placed in H3-6-9-12 and which includes the IC/MC axis. It also has a Grand Water Trine in the Water Houses.

Venus unaspected in H1 in both charts (Money, Banking, Marriage, Open Enemies, Kidneys).

Solar Total Eclipse

July 11, 2010 Sunday 3:40:27 pm EDT Washington, DC

Sun 20 Cancer (H8); Moon 20 Cancer (H8); ASC 18 Scorpio; MC 29 Leo; NN 12 Capricorn (H2)

Neptune singleton in Air Signs
Moon traveling Fast 14 degrees 42 minutes
Seesaw chart shape
Pluto rules chart from H2 conjunct NN and squaring Jupiter-Uranus on H5 cusp opposing Saturn on H11 cusp. The empty leg of the t-square is in Pluto's house (H8). The Sun-Moon conjunction is in there but is out of orb to be contained within a Grand Trine.

The only aspect the Sun-Moon conjunction makes is a sextile to Mars in H10.

The Sun-Moon line runs through Arizona. The NN IC line runs through San Francisco-Portland-Seattle-Vancouver. Neptune-Chiron runs over Washington. There are SAturn-Uranus-Pluto combination lines out in the Pacific so of course I'm wondering about earthquakes. They never happen in spots that look obvious though.

Venus conjunct MC (Leo-Virgo) opposing Neptune-Lilith-Chiron conjunct IC (Aquarius-Pisces).

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