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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Engineering Disasters and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The movie Chinatown is about the guy who created what is known as "the worst US civil engineering disaster of the 20th century." I've been told a zillion times to see that movie but never have. Basically, Los Angeles wouldn't be able to exist if it hadn't been for William Mulholland, a self trained engineer who immigrated from Belfast Ireland in the late 19th Century. Mulholland diverted all kinds of rivers from the Central Inland California region and pretty much drained the Central Valley of its lush, fertile land in order to create Los Angeles. (And then the Klan moved in.)

I guess there weren't any manuals on how to build a damn back in those days. You just sat by the riverbed and watched the beavers do it and then tried to do it yourself. It looks like we might be better off letting the beavers do it, whatever the case, even now. The Chinese have built huge dams and have had successive huge earthquakes since which may or may not be related. And Orange County is drinking its own pee. And San Diego's water has tested as the worst in the country (or close to, I don't have the stats in front of me).

Anyway, Mulholland was a genius until he screwed up. On Mar. 12, 1928 just hours after he had personally inspected it the St. Francis Dam gave way and flooded Ventura all the way from the Mountains down to the ocean. A town called Santa Paula was completely washed away. There were more than 400 deaths. Mulholland's career ended and he spent the rest of his Sun in Virgo life self-flagellating. Supposedly, the problem was not entirely his fault. They just didn't know how to build dams.

Story sound like today? Of course it does. The BP Oil Disaster down in the Gulf of Mexico shares some amazing similarities with the St. Francis Damn Disaster astro-wise. Different Century. Same extreme level of catastrophe. Striking similarities to outer planet activity.

Don't mean to be flip about what a horror this is (I've bit a huge hole in my cheek watching the birds covered in the oil and the people breathing fumes and finally had to turn off CNN and go for a walk) but just hope this will be readable so am trying to make brief:

Check out the Outer Planet astrology placements. Did any astrologers manage to predict this I wonder?:

*Jupiter conjunct Uranus around the Aries Point. 2010 Disaster has Jupiter 22 Pisces conjunct Uranus 29 Pisces opposing Saturn 30 Virgo.
1928 Disaster has Jupiter 11 Aries conjunct Uranus 3 Aries. Uranus squares Pluto.

*Jupiter rules both event charts. That means Sadge Rising.

*The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is in the 4th House of both Disasters.

*Pluto almost opposing itself in Cardinal Signs relating to building. 2010 Disaster Pluto 6 Capricorn. 1928 Pluto 16 Cancer.

*Neptune opposing itself in Fixed Signs within a degree. 2010 Disaster Neptune 29 Aquarius. 1928 Disaster 28 Leo.

St. Francis Dam Disaster
Mar. 12, 1928 11:57 pm Santa Clarita, Santa Paula, CA

Sun 23 Pisces; Moon 9 Sagittarius; ASC 8 Sagittarius; MC 21 Virgo; NN 14 Gemini

I've studied this chart before but never published anything. It's really fascinating to connect the State of California's Sun in Virgo opposition to Neptune with with Mulholland's Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces.

California has a singleton Neptune in Pisces which is why the water wars are such a big deal here (along with the fact that most of the state is desert, duh). Mulholland's chart was completely hooked into the California water supply. Too bad about his catastrophe prone Pluto conjunct NN 5-7 Taurus and squaring Mars 7 Leo. That gives the kind of superhuman will to get things going, but can overdo a bit.

William Mulholland
b. Sept. 11, 1855 Belfast, Ireland

Sun 19 Virgo; Moon Virgo; NN 7 Taurus


BP Gulf Oil Rig Disaster
Apr. 20, 2010 10:00 pm Gulf of Mexico

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon 23 Cancer; ASC 4 Sagittarius; MC 13 Virgo; NN 16 Capricorn

So, the BP guy is under intense scrutiny. Kind of funny how both men are Brits who screw up trying to corral the big American Expanse. You know, my Father used to buy used Jaguar XJ6's and we used to have to always put up with them breaking down whenever we went to family events. English engineering sucks as far as I'm concerned. God love the Brits but they simply can't get their whirligigs to spin. We really need to leave the engineering miracles to the Germans and the Japanese. Maybe their Math skills sucks. Maybe they're doing it on purpose. But don't let them build anymore Damns or Oil Rigs. Something's wrong with their Mercuries and Uranii and Saturns.

Tony Hayward, BP CEO
b. May 21, 1957 Eton, Berkshire, England

Sun 1 Gemini; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 20 Scorpio Rx

I don't know what the Hell Tony did wrong. Maybe that's because he's a Gemini and that's my Rising Sign and I feel partly responsible through my guilt tripping Cap Moon. Mostly it's because I don't see "Big Stupid Corporate Animal" indicators in his chart. It's interesting to notice that both Mulholland and Hayward have Nodal Axes on the Taurus-Scorpio pole. Komilla Sutton isn't kidding when she says that these guys have extra rows to hoe in life.

And what I said about the Germans being good at engineering? Scratch that. Tony came on board back in 2007. He didn't install the rig. He probably didn't even know it was out there. The Oil Rig was already set in place down in the Gulf back in 2001. Remember it was when the Saturn-Pluto opposition was going ape face. At that point a German born guy named John Browne had been running BP for centuries. This guy's got the ugly chart we're looking for too. Not because he's bad. He's obviously good. He was on the forefront of trying to turn BP into a Green company. But his chart, eh, it looks guilty. Browne has a Jupiter-Uranus opposition in Gemini-Sagittarius. That shows the environmentally friendliness and engineering stuff. But this opposition would have been hit by the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001.

Browne's got natal Sun conjunct Mercury RX at 1 Pisces opposing Mars 27 Leo Rx. He's also got the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo that was going on during his birth year in earlier degrees of Leo. Because of Mars' Rx it has been in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto for all of his life. That's a difficult aspect for Karma coming back to bite you in the ass. Others born around that time are Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and Barbara Bush. All these great people who are somehow connected with other people's problems and power plays in ways that are mind-boggling.

I don't have anything intelligent to say about what has happened in the Gulf. I just hope that people in charge of doing big projects like this try to put a little extra attention into putting in security cautions at this point. We still have the Eclipses and the Pluto-NN conjunction coming up over the rest of the year.

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