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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lightning Strikes 6-Story Jesus

With Uranus heavily afflicted at 1 degree Aries, the birthing point of the Astrological Wheel, I guess we all suspect that there are many among us who will be unexpectedly struck down. Lightning, Uranus' sword, would be a major reason. Anything flammable is going to be extra vulnerable.

Well, in Monroe, Ohio not even Jesus is immune. Last night a 6 story high statue of Our Lord was struck by Lightening and burnt to the ground. With Uranus conjunct Jupiter, planet that rules Churches, I suppose this makes sense. The 62-foot tall statue was built in 2004 by a local church to act as a Beacon of Hope. Providing Hope is Uranus' spiritual style of leadership.

Guess what sign was rising at the time of the strike? Yep, 1 Aquarius. That puts a flammable Venus at 1 Leo right on the Descendant conjunct the Moon in Cancer. In mythology, Venus was born of the foam in the Sea (Cancer).

Guess why Jesus burned?

Because he was made out of Styrofoam!

I ought to quit here but this just keeps getting better. Chart ruler Uranus is in conjunction to Jupiter in the 2d House of Possessions opposing Saturn in the 8th House of other people's possessions and squaring apex Sun in the 5th House. That's a t-square in the Resource Houses that finds its resolve in the empty leg which is the 11th House of Hopes and Wishes.

The Statue was called the "Touchdown Jesus" because his arms were posed the same as a Football Referee who's calling a goal. Jupiter also rules Sports Enthusiasts. In ancient Greek mythology it's actually Zeus who strikes with Thunder Bolts, I think. Maybe Uranus played Umpire. I don't know. (wrong sport?)

Lightning Strikes Down Jesus
June 14, 2010 11:15 pm Monroe, Ohio

ASC 1 Aquarius; Sun 24 Gemini (H5); Moon 29 Cancer (c.DESC); MC 24 Scorpio; NN 13 Capricorn Rx.

Story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_lightning_strikes_jesus_statue

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