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Friday, August 13, 2010

Robert Blaschke Predicts Some Enchanted Evenings

The Mountain Astrologer website has just posted an interesting article about a Venus-Mars conjunction cycle written by Robert Blaschke: "Aberrations in the Venus-Mars Cycles."

(In the event of typos here's the link: http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/aberrations-in-the-venus-mars-cycle)

Blaschke describes a cycle between Venus Rx and Mars which repeats a 77-month cycle (6.42 years) and a 32-year cycle between the planets. It seems that the invention of the pill and the feminist movement have disrupted the regularity of this cycle since the 1960s and things won't get back into the swing of things until the last half of this century.

But, that won't stop us from trying, now, will it? The sky is going to plant a new set of three love trysts between the two this next Fall and Winter. Maybe it's a good time to buy Stock in Condoms...

So, if single and interested, prepare to hit the Bars and/or Twelve Step Programs on these dates for A Good Time, especially if the following degrees hit your 5th or 7th Houses, or necessary planets:

HUBBA: Aug. 20, 1010 -- 14 Libra (whispering sweet nothings)

HUBBA: Oct. 3, 2010 -- 13 Scorpio (doing the deed)

HUBBA: May 23, 2011 -- 10 Taurus (massages, fine dining, fights over money begin)

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