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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Solar Obsessed World

Went to the Panda Express for lunch yesterday. The line was really long and a lady behind me said that often it will lead out the doorway. I'm struggling with the Big D, was feeling some spikes, and was waffling with the idea of eating food that is fried in cornstarch. So, in my confusion I sort of forgot to keep it pleasant. I reminded the woman that the food there sucked and I wished I knew the neighborhood better so that I could get some healthy Chinese food. Maybe it's the Gemini Rising. Maybe it was my Capricorn Moon that took over? Conversations seem to end pretty quickly when that thing gets hold of what's wrong with a situation.

Anyway, we are talking about food here, aren't we? And we are talking about the business of selling food. People will eat just about anything in America, as long as you can find a way to market it to them. And what better way to sell food than to fry it in sugar, a double Heroin style of preparation for those of us who are vulnerable, and, then, to sell it really quickly so that the glucose-addicted customer doesn't have to wait for it. I knew I was going to eat there only after I drove past the sign.

And so, I stood in line. I ate everything on the plate.

And this is what my Fortune Cookie said:

"To Shine is better than to reflect."

The Sun shines. The Moon reflects. The Capricorn Moon? Well, that's another story.

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