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Friday, August 13, 2010

Greenland's Petermann Ice Island (2010)

The biggest piece of ice to break off the Greenland Ice Sheet since 1962 occurred last week. Dubbed "the Petermann Ice Island of 2010" (to distinguish from the smaller piece that broke off in 2008) it's bigger than the island of Manhattan and is now threatening to collide with ships and researchers up in the arctic.

According to Yahoo the first image of the break was noticed:

Aug. 5, 2010 (Thursday) 8:40 UTC (4:40 EDT)

Sun 13 Leo; Moon 7 Gemini; 16 Virgo ASC; MC 16 Gemini; NN 11 Pluto

I may not be using the correct time zone so the Asc and MC may be a bit off, but it looks as if the huge t-square is again on the angles in this chart with Pluto-NN down at the bottom of the wheel in the 4th House. The Gemini Moon was up at the top of the chart conjunct the Midheaven.

Mercury is very strong in this chart as it is ruling both the Ascendant and the Midheaven and Mercury was in conjunction with the Ascendant. And it disposits the Gemini Moon which is conjunct the angle and most elevated, as I said.

House 4: Pluto-NN Capricorn
House 1: Venus 29 Virgo-Saturn 2 Libra-Mars 4 Libra
House 7: Uranus 1 Aries - Jupiter 4 Aries

No planets in Water in this chart which stresses the presences of the angular water rulers, Moon and Pluto, even more.

The last time a piece of glacier this big broke off was in 1962. I don't have a month to hone the date down for the 1962 break, but during that year Uranus passed between the cusp of Leo and Virgo and was in wide conjunction to Pluto in early Virgo. Jupiter was opposing the two from Aquarius to Pisces for the latter half of the year.

So, there is outer planet similarity between the two events. Perhaps Jupiter (big stuff) in difficult aspect with Uranus-Pluto can indicate when the Greenland Ice Sheet has big breakages? It could be the entrance of Pluto into an Earth Sign as well in addition to being in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus which could be an indicator of problems.

Saturn rules Carbon and the measurements of Carbon emissions for Global Warming were just beginning to be understood around this time. But Saturn wasn't quite connected with the other planets in 1962. (It was in major opposition aspect by 1965).

The Northern half of the Globe has been having unusual heat waves both in Canada and Russia. Pakistan is having massive flooding, declaring this their worst natural disaster, and China is having massive landslides.

Hey, hasn't Iceland built an Ark or something? I think that's where the seed bank is. Who knows, maybe the seed bank is in the glacier that's now roaming free range up in the Arctic.


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