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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spectators Injured at Off Road and Surfing Contests

Spectators have been injured during major sporting events twice in California this year. That seems unusual and sort of got my curiosity up as to what the astrology would look like for the events. I suppose this is a more valorous way of imitating the Roman Culture than sticking one's finger down one's throat after gorging on lots of food which is what my generation did.

First event I remembered from earlier this year: a couple of big waves rolled onto the rocky beach during the Mavericks Surf Contest. About 12 people were injured but no one died.

Second event occurred last week-end down in Southern California in the Mojave Desert when a truck at the California 200, an off road truck event, hit a group of the spectators killing 8 and injuring many more. I guess the spectators like to be as close to the trucks as possible as they go by. The driver of this truck, Brett Sloppy, hit a bunch of rocks called "the rockpile" about 2 miles into the race.


So, first thing I thought about was, wow, the guy's name is "Sloppy." Jupiter? Neptune?

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which was in effect for both events. Is this Uranus' farewell weirdness in Pisces speaking? This could indicate a larger than life event and some pretty crazy rough housing types.

Mars is interesting in these charts. Mars rules aggression and violence and so you expect to see it super prominent in big accidents and the like. In these charts, it's aspecting some stuff but isn't really prominent. I guess that makes sense I'm looking for charts that show what happened to the spectators. Mars indicates more the competitors and the athletes, the ones that everyone is there to see.

So, I'm supposing that the sign and planet that is opposite Mars would show up strongly in the charts. That would be Venus and Libra and House 7. Seems to match the idea of "Spectator" or "Audience." Just so happens that Saturn is in Libra in both charts within the same degree although they happened 6 months apart: 3-4 Libra (same place because of Retrograde). Saturn was Rx in February at the surf contest. But is squaring Pluto 4-5 Capricorn in both charts. That's a danger sign. The two control freak planets in difficult aspect with each other sort of shows how man learns his limits and what he doesn't have control over. This is a signature for a big "test" especially when added to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Pluto rules death and it is heavily influenced by whatever Saturn is doing because it is currently passing through Saturn's sign. I don't know the exact time that the waves came on short at Mavericks so can't pull up that chart. But Saturn in Libra is in the 7th House of the Off Road Truck event. It is conjunct Venus and Mars (Spectators, Sports). Mercury is also in that house, unaspected, and is just ruling the Virgo Descendant.

What is also interesting about these charts is that the Sun is opposing itself in the charts. It is close to the same degree on the Leo/Aquarius pole. Aquarius rules Crowds, and Leo rules Drama, Risk and Sports.

In both charts the Sun and Moon are also in strong aspect with Neptune (Out of Control)-Chiron (Wounding) in Aquarius (Group Events). At Mavericks, the New Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune-Chiron. At the Off Road Tragedy, the Leo Sun is opposing Neptune-Chiron and the Moon in Scorpio was trining Neptune-Chiron-Ascendant (from the 8th House of Death).

Mavericks Surf Contest - Spectators on Beach Injured by Humongous Waves
Feb. 13, 2010 morning, Half Moon Bay, CA

Sun 25 Aquarius; Moon 21 Aquarius; NN 20 Capricorn

California 200 - Spectators Killed and Injured by Giganormous Truck
August 14, 2010 Shortly before 8pm Lucerne Valley, Mojave Desert, CA

Sun 23 Leo (H6 c. DESC); Moon 2 Scorpio (H8); ASC 1 Pisces; MC 12 Sagittarius; NN 10 Capricorn

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