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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mercury Goes Retro in Virgo

The current Mercury Retrograde is in Virgo and I'm sort of passively been collecting really weird stories about things that are happening. I'm leaving out the Islamic Center that's setting up near Ground Zero and the Florida Preacher who's threatening to burn a Koran in retaliation. That's not Virgo, that's some sort of Jupiter or Moon thing and I hate organized religion so I can't really discuss that because it just doesn't make sense. What we're talking about here is the other stuff that's happening. Virgo stuff. The Mayberry RFD school of good old wholesome weirdness. "Space Outs" in every sense of the word. Either way, Mercury is strong in its own sign here.

First off, the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer goofed up her debate by spacing out. Debate? Spacing Out? Tip of the tongue? Blank out? Turns out this is not only a Mercury Retrograde for her, but a Mercury Return as well.

Brewer's got a natal Sun-Neptune conjunction in Libra so she may naturally have space outs anyway. And with this conjunction squaring natal Saturn in Cancer she gets caught in embarrassing and lonely situations. And right now transiting Saturn is right on top of her natal Sun-Neptune conjunction. And Saturn is in a major t-square with Jupiter c. Uranus and Pluto c. NN.

So, Brewer is at the center of some really difficult struggles as Brewer decided to take on the illegal immigration problem. And, of course, the Mercurial Media had a field day attacking Brewer when they could be discussing the reality of what it's actually like to be living in a community that's heavily affected by illegal immigrants. Duh.

Interesting connection linking Brewer's progressed chart with that of her predecessor, Janet Napolitano. Brewer wasn't elected to the Governor position. She moved into it when Janet Napolitano went to the White House. Just happens that Brewer's progressed Sun is in Sagittarius in conjunction with Napolitano's natal Sun. And her progressed Venus is conjunct Napolitano's natal Venus. How's that for some astrological switcherooni's? It's gotta mean something. She's sort of carrying out the dirty work for Napolitano with all that Saturn influence? Maybe it just means that both women are named "Jan."

Then there was the wild story about the two teenage boys up in Montana who decided to enjoy their Summer by purchasing some pot. Stupid sillies misdialed the number to their supplier and ended up texting the Sheriff. The Sheriff tracked them down in a shopping mall somewhere. The Mercury in Virgo Rx imagery is all there. The mis-dialed text message. The medicinals. I don't know, are Shopping Malls Virgonian? It's sort of a back to school theme I guess.

Today adds a Virgo New Moon to the mix and maxed out the weirdness. Two rocks from Outer Space on completely different orbits cruised between the Sun and the Moon only 11 hours apart. The larger one passed by just as Mercury Rx was rising over the Horizon, New York time at any rate. This was just when the Virgo New Moon was exact at 16 Virgo and just about to rise over the Ascendant as well. The smaller asteroid passed through just as Mercury Rx, Sun and Moon were passing into the opposite 7th House. Story here: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/asteroids-passing-near-earth-telescopes-100908.html.

That sounds planned, doesn't it? Sort of makes me want to believe in God. A precision passage of rocks in orbit. Virgo is an earth sign after all. If it had been up to a Gemini Mercury Rx, the rocks would have collided with at least 10 telephone poles.

Another Mercury in Virgo Rx situation is the Whooping Cough epidemic in California, anything contagious is related to Mercury through its Gemini rulership, and Mercury in Virgo is perhaps helping to bring a public health problem into reality here. My Doctor told me a year ago to get a vaccination so there has been concern for quite a while yet nobody has done anything about it until now (because the illegal immigrants are the source and the Mercurial media refuses to carry news about their impact on society). Oh yeah, and the squirrels in my area, Mercurial little creatures, have apparently been almost gassed out of existence. I saw a couple of survivors hanging out in the middle of the street looking like they were hoping someone would just run them over. They didn't even really look like squirrels, their tails were almost hairless and they were roaming around dazed. Since then I've noticed very few squirrels. Reason for this is perhaps because a squirrel was found with bubonic plague in a campground somewhere. That might be overkill.

I suppose the biggest Virgo Mercury problem is faced by the Pakistani's who have suffered huge floods. Talk about a break in one's daily rituals and a major public health catastrophe. A ninth of the country is misplaced from their homes and livelihoods. Hopefully the Retrograde in Virgo will actually help to slow down or to contain the potential public health threats involved. The Virgo New Moon hopefully will. Of course, the media has elected not to cover this event with their usual hysteria and so-called "compassion."



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