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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good Samaritan Rescues Kidnapped Girl

I'm definitely not coming up with a very good chart reading for an abduction of an 8 year old girl in Fresno which occurred on Monday night, Oct. 4, 2010 8:30 pm. But, I think I have found a good indicator in a chart for "The Good Samaritan."

The 8 year old girl was playing with friends outside her home when a man in a red truck pulled up and harassed them. The girls tried to flee but the abducted girl fell down and was grabbed by the man and abducted. There's a really intense conjunction of Venus to Mars in Scorpio right now so one would expect to hear a lot of stories like this. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and abduction. Venus and Mars are the two planets who rule love relationships and sexuality along with Pluto. And Venus and Mars are in Pluto's sign here. It is said that the girl was molested. With Pluto conjunct the North Node in the 8th House of the Abduction chart I just sort of assumed she wasn't going to survive. Don't have a source, but seem to remember reading that 74 percent of abducted children are killed within 3 hours of their abductions.

I'll list some reasons why I think maybe this girl survived, but have to admit they are weak. I wouldn't have been able to read the chart. Just want to give the data here so that maybe down the line others will have a chart to refer to.

But, what's amazing is the girls' rescue. First of all, she survived. Yay! It turns out that Pluto in Capricorn is not such a bad thing. I believe that either Sun or Saturn or the connection between the two might indicate Good Samaritans after looking at the rescue chart.

On Monday Night an Amber Alert went out through the media notifying people of the abduction. I suppose a Mercury-Sun-Saturn conjunction might be a better time for an Amber Alert to work, Mercury rules communications and Saturn rules Caution and effective administration.

At around 7:00 am on Tuesday morning (the next morning) a guy named Victor Perez looked out his window and saw what he thought looked like the abductor's red truck. He got in his own car and proceeded to follow the guy. He saw the little girl's head in the car and tried to cut the guy off and after the 3d attempt the little girl was able to run away. The abductor, a gang member, was later located by Police because Perez was able to provide a partial license plate number.

Story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_california_girl_abducted;_ylt=AqwMQeOy3A7FEcCiNZk6TXDs.6F4;_ylu=X3oDMTJ1aGRtZ3RxBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAxMDA3L3VzX2NhbGlmb3JuaWFfZ2lybF9hYmR1Y3RlZARjcG9zAzYEcG9zAzYEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNtYW5ob25vcmVkZm8-.

Whoa, look at those stars! At this time, the Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Libra was rising over the Ascendant! Sun = Courage, Risk Taking, Honor, Citizenship and Saturn = Public Standing and Doing the Right Thing. Mercury describes the situation involving automobiles and cleverness and quick thinking. The Ascendant/Descendant axis shows the people involved in an incident in an event chart.

What's interesting is how much Saturn imagery is going on for Perez right now in his story right now. He is 29 years old which means that he is close to his Saturn Return. If he really is close to having a Saturn Return right now, the Aries Point connection shows coming before the public. The square from Jupiter-Uranus opposition to Pluto-NN shows how he's been struggling recently. He lost his job in Southern California and has been living with relatives and picking grapes. Now he is getting all sorts of attention and the Governor (Saturn) has just honored him today and even put in a plug for getting him a job. Another interesting tidbit that I read is that a Dentist immediately came forward and offered to fix a tooth (Saturn, Mars, Venus) for free. Would be great to see his birth chart.

8 year old girl abducted and miraculously rescued through Amber Alert and Good Samaritan intervention.

Oct. 4, 2010 8:30 pm Fresno, CA

Sun 12 Libra; Moon 5 Virgo; ASC 24 Taurus; Venus 14 Scorpio; Mars 14 Scorpio;

Perhaps some indicators that the child would escape:

Venus rules little girls and Venus rules this chart through Taurus Ascendant. Venus also rules the Rescue chart which occurs 11 hours later (sign is Libra). Venus is conjunct Mars in the 11th house of Hopes and Wishes which perhaps lends a coping ability. The Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Libra also disposits to Venus so the little girl's placement is very strong possibly showing her survival of the ordeal.

Sun c. Saturn shows level headed behavior. Sun-Saturn can show cruelty as well. It can also indicate that the Amber Alert system will work, especially in conjunction with Mercury in Libra. Libra is aware of others.

Nothing in chart is out of bounds which repeats the lack of extreme influences.

Only planet on an angle is Neptune-Chiron up in the 10th House (Abduction chart). Neptune rules escape.

Pluto-NN is in 8th House of Death and Sex, but houses indicating end of life, 4th and 12th, are empty.

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio indicates sexuality but can also show that people are on edge and are more alert and aware of their surroundings. Reaction time is good for dealing with crises.

When looking for luck one looks to Jupiter in the chart. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the 11th House. Jupiter rules the 8th House. Perhaps the abductor was so strung out on drugs that he just couldn't think straight? Okay, I'm at a total loss.

The Rescue Chart. The rescue occurred almost 11 hours after the abduction:

Oct. 5, 2010 7:00am - 7:15 am Fresno, CA

ASC 12 Libra; Sun 13 Libra; Moon 12 Virgo; MC 14 Cancer; NN 7 Capricorn

The Sun is conjunct the ASC by a degree and conjunct Saturn (blocking) 9 Libra and Mercury (car) 4 Libra. This was squaring the Pluto-NN conjunction in the 3d house of automobiles and neighborhoods. Nothing like a Saturn-Pluto square.

Another Story on Tuesday which also shows the Venus-Mars conjunction and the Pluto-Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter square pulling u-e's was that the electronic monitoring system of the sex offenders in 49 states went down. They weren't notified of this fact, but between 9am and 8 pm on Tuesday they couldn't be tracked. The Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction was conjunct the 12th HOuse cusp of incarceration when the system went down. It was squaring PLuto-NN which was on the 3d house cusp (Networks)

BI Corp looses track of the Sex Offenders
Outage of Electronic Monitoring System

Oct. 5, 2010 9 am Boulder, CO

The Venus-Mars conjunction was in the 1st house.

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