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Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Hayward Fault Line

So, we here in California made it through the Summer without any big earthquakes which blows my Cardinal Sign theory to smithereens, Thank You Jesus. There were no set rules saying that we had to have an earthquake, but the Eclipses and the big t-square in the sky are making things look ominous, like something big and disastrous ought to happen. Besides that, the scientists say that we're due.

I did sort of did wonder if this year through to next January, 2011 will be more set earthquake prone times than normal, especially during the months right after the Solstices and Equinoxes. The Eureka area up in the top of California did have an Earthquake back in January while the Sun was in Capricorn. And the very Southern end of the State was shaking like a jello bowl from the Mexico earthquakes back in April while the Sun was in Aries. So, now the Sun is in Libra and that's fire season down in Southern California and earthquake season in Northern California. And fires are much easier to predict than earthquakes, they happen pretty much every year, some years worse than others, and especially now with Southern California having a drought and all.

The Hayward Fault is said to be over due. This is an area which will suffer a lot if a significant earthquake occurs because of the dense population. The Hayward Fault is said to average an earthquake every 140 years.

I'm sort of confused (well, I'm always confused) because the USGS site has a list of earthquakes for California and not all of the earthquakes listed coincide with earthquakes that are mentioned on other sites.

It looks as if the Hayward Fault gives out when an Outer Planet of some sort is in middle degrees Cardinal Sign. So, it looks like this fault might be under extreme stress in 2013-14-15 when Uranus and Pluto are squaring each other over middle Aries and Capricorn.

Saturn will be in Scorpio during those years and outer planets in Scorpio seem related in the earthquakes for this area.

Previous Years of earthquakes on the Hayward Fault and the Outer Planet placements vaguely put:


1470 Julian Calendar
Jupiter Virgo-Libra; Saturn Taurus; Uranus Libra; Neptune Scorpio; Pluto Virgo NN Capricorn


Jupiter Aquarius-Pisces; Saturn Scorpio; Uranus Scorpio; Neptune 4 Scorpio; Pluot Taurus; NN Gemini


Jupiter Aquarius-Pisces; Saturn Capricorn; Uranus Scorpio; Neptune 30 Taurus; Pluto Libra NN Taurus (beg of year)


Jupiter Pisces; Saturn Sagittarius; Uranus Cancer; Neptune Aries; Pluto Taurus; NN Virgo

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