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Monday, October 04, 2010

Viktor Schauberger

This post is probably about the guy who invented flying saucers! That's right, June Lockhart, if the United States Air Force hadn't confiscated this guy's papers maybe he could have finished his design and the Jetsons Cartoon hour would have become reality. (We won't discuss the Global Warming "embarassment"). Schauberger knew all along that modern 20th century carbon based machinery knocks everything out of balance.

Viktor Schauberger
b. June 30, 1885 Holzschlag, Austria

Sun 9 Cancer; Moon Aquarius; NN 30 Virgo

Schauberger was a forester who grew up under a tree in Austria. He was fascinated by the way that streams and creeks flow. He used his first observations on nature to figure out ways to transport logs down streams in ways which saved huge amounts of transportation money for the foresters. He developed a theory that "nature creates vortices to create equilibria." As 4th House/Cancer rules drains I guess the astrology is right on target. Schauberger developed theories about the structure of water. He said it is densest when cold and also just after the Full Moon. Interesting because he himself was born just after a Full Moon. I'm getting and probably misinterpreting his theories from the blurb on Wikipedia so go there for a better explanation. There is a great movie by Caleb Coates about Schauberger's theories. The first part has an incredible explanation about how Trout live perfect lives just because of how they are shaped. They can let the current of the water flow right past them in perfect waves while they remain motionless. All they have to do is open their mouths in order to let the algae and plankton food come right into them. It's one of my all time favorite scenes from a documentary.

As the Wikipedia article says, Schauberger felt that "nature creates vortices to create equilibria." I was looking for Libra influence in his chart and didn't notice anything outstanding. However, his North Node is at 30 Virgo. This means that it had just finished an entire transit of Libra so he was perhaps born with a special amount of knowledge in all things Libra. It is also conjunct Uranus which shows an ability to be very innovative. And this is still considered an Aries Point which brings public prominence to whatever expression he uses of that energy.

Schauberger was trying to figure out ways to create effortless natural motion. This hooks into his natal chart and the transits of his life perfectly as Schauberger was born during a very powerful trine aspect. He was born during the big 19th century conjunction of Neptune to Pluto so he was part of a generation that was given an abnormal amount of information about all things mysterious and beyond understanding of normal human behaviors. These are the two outer most "Planets" in the solar system (well until recently). They are also the only two planets which human beings can never experience an entire cycle of in their lifetimes.

Neptune 25 Taurus c. Pluto 3 Gemini was trining an exact conjunction of Uranus to the North Node at 30 Virgo in Schauberger's chart which I talked about earlier. Uranus rules innovation and Virgo is an earth sign known for exceptional abilities in technology and understandings of how things work. This trine may actually expand out into a Grand Trine with Schauberger's natal Aquarius Moon. How's that for an innovator of working with "effortless natural motion" and the structure of water and how things flow and really incredible understandings of how to work with, not against, Nature? If you want to understand how to make things move, don't build a motor (Mars), let them flow in the direction that works best. Yay! Come on Americans, work this!

Okay, I don't have a time for his Moon but it will be in Aquarius.

So, it appears that Schauberger fell in with a bad crowd. Namely, he fell in with Hitler. Grand Trines can make a person a little too trusting. I've seen them come up in the charts of spies, however, because they can usually help a person get out of whatever he gets in to.

According to Wiki, Schauberger first met Hitler in 1934. So perhaps he willingly fell in with Nazi ways of thinking at first, eventually he was forced to work for them. Maybe at that point Hitler was interesting. The Swastika was originally an ancient symbol for something I don't know what. It looks like things got weird really fast, however, and by Schauberger was sent to a mental hospital in 1941 where he was incarcerated. He was forced to design for the Nazis after that. In 1944 he had designed something called a Repulsine which is basically a UFO. In 1945 he designed a Klimator which was to cool and warm air in living spaces.

After the war the U.S. kept Schauberger in custody for 9 more months. At that point they and the Russians confiscated his papers and prototypes. The timing hooks up too beautifully with the U.S. interest in UFOs. The War ended 1945. The U.S. Air Force set up various projects which studied Unidentified Flying Objects from 1947 to 1969. These were called Project Sign, Project Grudge, and Project Blue Book. Kenneth Arnold (I wrote about his sightings in a previous blog post) reported the first sighting of a UFO at Mount Rainier, Washington on June 24, 1947. The guy who was in charge of Project Blue Book was also a Cancer. It looks like Cancers have a natural fascination with the vortices. I guess also that Pluto's transit over their Cancer Suns early in life gave them a little extra oomph in occult understandings.

So, back to Schauberger's natal chart. Mercury 13 Cancer is out of bounds in his natal chart at 24 degrees 25 minutes. This says that there is something exceptional in his thinking processes. His memory would have been really long, it would have gone all the way back to the big bang probably. Mercury is conjunct Sun 9 Cancer. Both of these would have passed over Venus 25 Cancer by progression early on. Perhaps this is why he began to understand the need to keep things in balance early on. He has no planets in Fire in his chart, perhaps this explains why he has such an interest in motion and speed and expense of energy.

So then the yucky. Here comes Hitler. Schauberger was born with no planets Retrograde. That's sort of unusual but also indicates that he didn't have to doubt himself much early on and can lead to great leaps of creativity. Schauberger's Mercury Stationed Retrograde in 1935 the year after he met Hitler. This was at 19 Virgo. (Remember, he's got that conjunction of Uranus-NN on the last degree of Virgo.) This will show that something is slowing down in his mental processes. In his case "slowing down" could be interpreted in really interesting ways. Either way, his judgement and ability to express himself clearly might not have been at peak performance. Also, his progressed Sun was at 26 Leo which is squaring his natal Neptune-Pluto conjunction over the Taurus-Gemini cusp. Sun squares to Neptune-Pluto? OO-boy, that's just a tough one. By 1941 he was halfway through creation of his UFO. He was also sent to a mental institution. Considering the progressions, he may have been acting oddly, but wouldn't you be acting oddly as well if this is the type of stuff you were capable of creating? At any rate, Neptune rules being incarcerated, Pluto:paranoia, so, there you have it.

In 1941 when Schauberger was incarcerated there was a conjunction of Saturn-Uranus at the cusp of Taurus-Gemini (1 degree for Uranus) which was trining a conjunction of Neptune to the North Node at the end of Virgo (22-28 degrees). This is layered right over Schauberger's big natal Trine of Neptune-Pluto to Uranus-NN! In May of that year there was actually a huge stellium in Taurus right over his natal Neptune: Lilith, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus (Jupiter and Uranus right over Neptune).

His progressed Mercury was also Rx in the vicinity of Neptune-NN transit at 18 Virgo along with p.Jupiter at 14 Virgo. And his progressed Sun was exact on natal Jupiter 3 Virgo. That looks lucky?

But, also his progressed Saturn was approaching conjunction with natal Sun by about 2 or 3 degrees. That's the Government intervention stuff. It's also just a snuffing out of the creative energies by selfish authority figures. Perhaps it could also account for the loss of popularity. I mean, the anti-Nazi sentiment after the War had to have hurt this guys' chances. I guess the Rx Mercury could also account for the confiscated papers and stolen ideas by Governments. One can really see how the Outer Planet stuff can mess with a person's inner planet problems.

Schauberger eventually did come to the U.S. to work for a while. It's really frustrating to read his story from the vantage point of more distant future. This is the guy whose road ought to have been taken. Okay, okay, I don't know if all his ideas work. But, can you imagine where we'd be if he'd been able to live in ordinary times?

So, there you have it. Yes, the aliens are out there. But, the humans are as well. Go roll a log down a stream and figure out how to fix Global Warming.

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