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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 Small Asteroids

2 Small Asteroids passed between the Moon and the Earth on September 8, 2010. It was a total coincidence that they showed up on the same day. They were discovered on Sept. 5, 2010 in Arizona. They were between 33 and 65 feet wide.

Info here: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news169.html.

1st Asteroid: Sept. 8, 2010 5:51 am EDT (0951 GMT)

2d Asteroid: Sept. 8, 2010 5:12 pm EDT (2112 GMT)

Really fascinating that the first asteroids passed while the New Moon 16 Virgo was close to exact, on the same degree at any rate. The New Moon was in the 1st House during the morning passing. Mercury 7 Virgo Rx was just rising over the Ascendant at 8 Virgo.

The New Moon was conjunct the 8th-7th House cusp when the second asteroid passed. This chart had 2 Aquarius Rising.

These charts also have close conjunctions of

Venus 1 Scorpio-Mars 26 Libra
Jupiter 1 Aries-Uranus 30 Pisces
Pluto 3 Capricorn-NN 4 Capricorn

Since Mercury Retrogrades are said to bring old acquaintances back into one's life I sort of wonder if there's an interesting past connection with these objects and the earth.

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