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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Suicide Crisis Among Gay Teen Males

More than 5 boys have committed Suicide within the last month, mostly due to bullying and harassment from others concerning their sexual orientation. The death of Tyler Clementi who was a freshman at Rutgers University in New Jersey brought the whole crisis to major national attention. His death was extra horrific because he was basically raped by his roommate and dormmate over the Internet. It also occurred while there was a Full Moon placed over the big outer planet t-square.

I don't have birth dates for any of the victims so I will provide dates of death down below. I send my condolences to the friends, families who are affected. Hopefully, all communities are feeling affected by this epidemic and are now on the alert for their behaviors.

One first has to try to understand what astrological indicators indicate "homosexuality" and then one has to try to understand what indicates "Bullying" and then one has to understand what can happen involving "Suicide." None of these three subjects has been dealt with very well by Astrologers as far as I know so everything I say here is going to be my own opinion. Basically, I don't know. I'm just going to babble a few things that I think might be related.

Out of about 10 charts of homosexual men that I've looked at 9 had a challenging aspect from Mars to Uranus in their birth charts. Many also had a challenging aspect from Venus to Uranus. I haven't looked at gay womens' charts so I don't have any opinion about those. Mars represents the Male Energy. Uranus represents rebellion and very open minded thinking so this could just be the result of my having lived in California which is a place where Gays can live more openly than in other places. Venus represents the female principle of relationships and one on one relationships like marriage so one can see how if configured with Uranus it might make one more open to experimentation.

There are probably several reasons for homosexuality so one would have to understand all the possibilities in that regard. If homosexuality is genetic, then the Moon, Cancer and 4th House will somehow be involved. If abuse is involved, then one might look more at Mars or Pluto. That would take a doctoral degree's worth of study to understand.

There is currently a conjunction of Venus to Mars happening. This shows things connected to relationships, especially involving sexuality. On Sept. 9, 2010 the first Suicide occurred (from the list that I have, this is part of a bigger problem which started earlier on) in Greensburg, Indiana when 15 year old Billy Lucas hung himself after being bullied. Venus was at 1 Scorpio conjunct Mars in Libra at about 25 degrees . Both planets are debilitated in these signs. Libra rules Relationships and Mars rules Sex and Death so one can easily see the elevated significance of these planets working together in this situation. This conjunction was trining Neptune 27 Aquarius conjunct Chiron 28 Aquarius. Neptune is often connected with Suicidal feelings, feelings of being martyred, and Chiron is connected with aspects of ourselves that we can't fix but can teach others through. They are in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus which I just said I think is related to homosexuality. Trines will often show a need to get a release from problems whereas Squares and other hard aspects will show an ability to internalize and perhaps fight against the problem.

All the Suicides after Billy Lucas' occurred with Venus-Mars in Scorpio conjunctions. The intensity of sexuality and death as indicated by this connection is very powerful here. Scorpio relates to extreme actions. It might also be connected with a viral type of emotional despondency which will lead to suicide. Young men, going through the extreme hormonal changes at this age would be especially vulnerable. Scorpio rules sexuality. Kids at this age lack balance(Venus-Libra) as they try to understand how they relate to others (Aries-Libra Axis).

The Sun and Moon are also involved in hormonal problems. The Sun, at least for a while, on Sept. 9 was unaspected by major aspect to other planets. The Sun is probably also strongly related to Suicide as it relates to Vitality and Freedom from Self Consciousness, and fear of the shadows. Unfortunately, bullies need a little more self-consciousness, more fear of their own shadow behaviors and motivations.

As far as I know the next Suicide didn't happen until Sept. 19 when Seth Walsh hung himself in California. At this point the Sun was opposing Jupiter-Uranus and thus joining the big outer planet t-square. Tyler Clementi was the next Suicide on Sept. 22 when he jumped off a bridge. There was a Full Moon on both the Aries points and the outer planet t-square. The Sun on last degree Virgo was conjunct Saturn and the Moon was passing over the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This really does illustrate the transfer of energy from Pisces to Aries. The Moon in Cancer was then opposing Pluto-NN on Sept. 30 when Caleb Nolt died in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He's the latest, as far as I know. Please, kids, let it be the last.

NOTE: I don't know times of death so don't have exact placements for the Moon in any of these cases.

On September 9 there was also a conjunction of Moon in Libra to Saturn in Libra. Libra again brings up the idea of relationships and being super sensitive to what others think of one's self. Moon and Saturn are the planets which provide conservative structure within society. They rule family traditions and status in society. They also rule feelings of being picked on (Moon) and of being a failure (Saturn) and of not being respected (Saturn).

Saturn in Libra is actually exhalted which is supposed to be a positive thing. But Saturn is heavily aspectged as he has been for a year now. For one is going through a square to Pluto and the North Node in the sign of his rulership. Saturn-Pluto squares are the ultimate Bully aspect, probably along with some other negative problems like out of control Sun and/or Jupiter and Mercury. Pluto in Capricorn will be very concerned with power and domination and status and conformity. In the end it may cleanse and wipe out bad ideas concerning these traits in society on the large, but it will sacrifice many people before that. Saturn and Pluto working together can make the greatest changes in whatever they touch. This can be a magical level of force when used for good but if basic sensitivities and ethics aren't taught they will simply tread on everything in their path for their own benefit. Most of our best politicians have a strong conjunction of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in their charts. Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Bill Richardson. One can see how brilliant these people are but one can see how much they tend to be pulled back. All 3 have suffered serious set backs in their careers that would wipe out most other politicians. Saturn-Pluto can set very high standards and drive as easily as it can turn a person into a bully and a lot of this can be related to upbringing.

I've tried to discuss racism a little bit before. That's never discussed by astrologers either. Nothing can be described by a birth chart absolutely and depends on many other factors in an individuals' life. I suspect that Racism comes from some sort of prominence or imbalance in the first 3 or 4 signs of the Zodiac but certainly anything that occurs on a mass scale involves all the signs. Xenophobia, or fear of anyone who is different from one's self will come from not understanding how to deal with and accept strangers within one's tribe. Usually there is a good reason for these fears and often the Outer Planet signs won't allow discussion of the reasons. Sometimes it is lack of tolerance which can be a Saturnian/Capricorn thing. Fear of change can be a Fixed Sign thing. In the end it is pretty easy to see how all signs can be involved.

Looking back at the big t-square that's occurring right now, we see that on September 9, 2010 Jupiter and Uranus were opposing Saturn-Moon and squaring Pluto-NN. Jupiter represents Opinions and Uranus, at least in part, will represent homosexuality as it exists in current society at least. Jupiter-Uranus were both at 30 Pisces which is at the Aries Point. This is the birthing point of the Astrological Wheel when a whole new cycle begins, like the eve before Spring. I've already mentioned Pisces' connection with suicidal feelings and martyrdom. On the larger outer planet scale, society is deciding what growth it wants to encourage. Obviously young Gay men are suffering a whole lot. It seems that they might be benefiting from the public controversies over Gay marriage but maybe this is actually making their adolescence years even more difficult. Probably the pushing (Saturn) of the older Gay community for equality in Marriage rights is bringing up a lot of challenges for the community as a whole. Saturn in Libra is a great time to think about this problem, but the current t-square will set the kind of tone that creates Loss. Overall, this isn't the best time. Not only are these young boys going through hormonal changes, difficult as that is, but their sexual attractions are being hotly discussed from all angles. Their self-identities are in upheaval. Older generations maybe couldn't be as open about their coming out but they also weren't the center of attention.

EDIT 10/4 to ADD:

Just to tie this in with my other research about trauma in children of divorce I will point out the theory (don't know how much of it is my own) that the stages of development in children and people correspond remarkably close to the first planetary cycles. A child will go through a major stage of development during the first progressed Moon/Saturn opposition which occur around Ages 13 and 14. There is another major phase of development around the time of the first Nodal Return at around Age 18.8. (Children with Sun-Venus conjunctions in their charts often seem to go through major 8 year cycles - age 8 and 16 in this case.) The ages of these boys seem to mostly correspond with those cycles and the two astrological influences involved are caught up in the big outer planet t-square. Saturn in Libra and, wow, talk about a difficult Nodal Return with Pluto in Conjunction to the North Node right now.

Two boys were 15 years old. I think that might be connected with Chiron, but mostly I think that age 15 just sucks. There's a wide gap during adolescence where most kids don't go through major planetary cycles, or parts of cycles. It seems that this is their first real chance in life to express themselves. Most of us remember what kind of pain is involved with that exploration.

Here's the list.

~Rest In Peace~

Billy Lucas (Age 15) Greensburg, Indiana, died September 9, 2010

Seth Walsh (Age 13) Tehachapi, California, died Sept. 19, 2010

Tyler Clementi (Age 18) Rutgers University, New Brunswick?, NJ, died Sept. 22, 2010

Asher Brown (Age 13) Texas, died Sept. 23, 2010

Harrison Chase Brown (Age 15) Colorado, died Sept. 25, 2010

Raymond Chase (Age 19), Providence, RI, died Sept. 29, 2010

Felix Sacco (Age 17), Massachusetts, died Sept. 29, 2010

Caleb Nolt (Age 14), Fort Wayne, Indiana, died Sept. 30, 2010

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