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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Impulse Buys at Borders Bookstores

This is a cute little story about the recent stellium transit in Scorpio.

I got in line at a Border's bookstore to buy a coffee and as usual they had all kinds of impulse buy items near the register for customers to snap up last minute while they were waiting. In this particular store there was a rack with book bags hanging. I noticed one with a small woodland creature standing over a puddle. It was cartoony and pastel colored in a Japanese sort of way and at the bottom it said something like "It's so watery." It was just such a weird picture and a weird quote. So I picked the bad off the hook and asked the guy at the counter why they were selling bags with pictures of squirrels who were standing in their pee. The guy snorted and corrected me with the information saying that he had no clue why the store was selling bags with pictures of beavers on them. I looked again and saw the two buck teeth and without thinking said "Oh, a wet beaver!" And the 20 year old guy at the register and I started laughing our heads off.

So, after we recovered and I got my coffee I put the bag back on the rack and noticed another cute little cartoon on the bag down below it. Also, in pastels, this one had a picture of a squirrel -- he was flinging his nuts!"

Oh well, guess you had to have been there. Anyway, designs made to delight all ages.



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