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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Scorpio Opening Bell

Well, so it's an Election Year and they say the Market doesn't tank during an Election Year.

Tomorrow's Opening Bell is going to test that theory. At 9:30 Wall Street is going to be a Double Scorpio. It's been a Double Scorpio Bell ever since the Sun entered that sign last week. Scorpio rules Investments in Other People's Money. It sort of looks like this Bell isn't concerned with that stuff right now, really, though. The trend is going more in the opposite direction as Pluto, Ruler of Scorpio is in the 2d House conjunct the Opening Bell. That's Banking and Cash (and how much you value yourself).

An Interlude from Billie Holiday:

God save the child that's got his own,
that's got his own.

Opening Bell Monday Oct. 25, 2010 9:30 am

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon 1 Gemini; ASC 27 Scorpio; MC 11 Virgo; NN 6 Capricorn

Anyhoo, a Crisis gets Scorpio all hot and bothered. Scorpio is the Phoenix who rises up out of the ashes and brags about how transformed he feels from the purification process. That's because Scorpio is a very determined and strong willed sign. Everyone else is sitting around totally wasted and doesn't know why the Hell we have to bother with the idea of transformation. Well, if you garden you know how much better the plants grow if you prune them back. That's Scorpio. Give a Scorpio a set of clippers and a rose bush and you'll see what I mean. So, think about how good the market will feel after you've been flushed out along with all the rest of the dead weight.

At any rate, there's going to be some huge manipulations in the money markets tomorrow. Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Rising, Gemini Moon, Who we kidding here? The media will be involved and the Real Estate Market will be involved. And probably some immigrants will be involved. And the Republicans. And the President will be right where he ought to be but he won't be feeling real good about it (Saturn exalted and in its own house, squaring Pluto, Capricorn intercepted in the 2d).

The reason why I'm looking at this Bell is because my Father always told me that 3d Quarter Reports are a good reason to avoid investing in Stock Markets. He was a Scorpio and he grew up in the Depression so you can tell they screwed up his childhood Birthdays royally.

Also, I'm looking at this bell because I've noticed that often there is a correlation between Mercury-Venus conjunctions and crashes. It will be great at the end of the week to look back and say, hey, that wasn't so bad and I can throw that theory out the window. Mercury and Venus together rule marketing (maybe along with Moon) and the idea is that this combination will show that people are more likely to dabble in the markets. Tomorrow the conjunction is to the degree.

And there's a very volatile opposition of Mars to Moon layered right over the ASC/DESC of the chart which could show panic. What may make this a different one is that the planets are in Scorpio in the 12th House so the dealings may be more shrewd, tight lipped and behind the scenes. And there's an election coming up.

The Sun is always in the 11th House in U.S. Stock Market Opening Bells but right now the Sun is really close to the 12th House cusp and it's conjunct Venus Rx-Mercury in Scorpio which are in the 12th House. Venus rules Banking and Money so this Rx and conjunction to Mercury and Sun in the sign of other people's money is looking very complicated. 12th House might indicate some sort of angelic influence, the Neptunians always like to see it that way, Rose colored glasses and stuff, and deception. And boy, do I ever hope they pull out all the stops on that deception stuff because 12th House also rules self-undoing (once Neptune and Pluto and Mercury move away we all start chanting about how honesty is the best policy, but generally by then it's too late to do anything about it).

At any rate, a Moon-Mars opposition set right over the ASC/DESC is volatile and could show panic. This is squaring Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune keeps showing up and this brings in the Hollywood thing, and hopefully not the jumping out the window thing. Spin the Wag, or Tail the Dog. Chiron added might show something different but who knows. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction has moved off the angle of the IC but Neptune still rules that angle. 3d House shows that the media will be wagging their tongues and nobody's gonna know what they're saying (but sometimes that's all it takes). 4th House shows Real Estate and the Public and Emotional Reactions. Mercury rules the Virgo Midheaven and Mercury is in the 12th House conjunct Venus Rx (Banking).

Pluto, the Ruler of this chart is squaring Saturn, the Ruler of Democrats (from what I've googled/gathered, Jupiter rules Republicans and Saturn rules Democrats). A Saturn/Pluto square brings loss, the painful kind. It can bring new motivations for leadership and ethics, just because all acts are pretty ruthless and probably a little corrupt right now. Saturn is very strongly placed in this chart in Libra (exhalted) and in the 10th House (natural house). Saturn shows governance and the President and in Libra there's a need to get along.

The Moon at 1 Gemini is apex of a Yod to a Sun 3 Scorpio (H11) sextile to Pluto 4 Capricorn (H2). There's something wrong with the female element in this chart. It's very out of balance.

Jupiter-Uranus, both Rx, are in conjunction in the 4th House. As I said this could be Real Estate, Farming, Overseas investments, Techies, Public, Oceans, Water.

By Closing Bell, Pluto-NN will be conjunct elevated in H10. Saturn will be in H7. Jupiter-Uranus will be in H1. That's angular and so the influences are strong. Sun, Mercury, Venus Rx, and Mars in Scorpio will all be in the 8th House. They will be trining the Jupiter Rx-Uranus RX conjunction in the 1st house. Neptune will rule Closing Bell chart. That's compassion, emotionalism, self-undoing. However, Neptune will be in his own house, the 12th, so perhaps, hopefully, compassion will rule out. We're all more compassionate towards others after a day of huge losses in the Stock Market, aren't we?

For the rest of this week Mars will be conjunct the Ascendant of the Opening Bell and both change signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. So, the tone will change to Optimism. Friday shows a Grand Trine between Mars/ASC to Moon in Cancer (H8) to Jupiter-Uranus (H4).

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