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Thursday, October 21, 2010

6.9 Earthquake in Baja / More Than Average Amount of Earthquakes This Year?

Not vouching for accuracy or anything here but this blog says that there has been a big rise in Earthquakes for this year. As of this writing in September there were 13 big earthquakes this year. Today Baja Mexico just had another earthquake which I'll list below. That coincides with the big t-square between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto (plus Jupiter) which is happening this year. Uranus is the big Earthquake planet, but Pluto and Saturn are certainly involved. These planets were well placed on/near the angles in todays' chart. Uranus and Pluto will continue a really long square transit with each other for a few more years but Saturn is now separating from the t-square. Saturn is heading towards mid-degree Cardinal which is a vulnerable point for the Hayward/East Bay area in California (hits in December, square Pluto, in the December 21 Eclipse). So far the earthquakes in the areas have caused minimal deaths and damage. So far. Fingers crossed. I noticed a funny thing, though with the Hayward area and that it requires an outer planet in mid-Cancer which is not going to happen soon, there is actually a strong absence of Cancer connected with these planets).

What is also involved according to my half-assed theory of California earthquakes is/are prominence of Cardinal Signs in the charts. The Eclipses this year have been in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn which adds another Cardinal Sign element to the current astrological weather. Cancer/Capricorn are related to North and South Poles, probably so perhaps there is some sort of movement in that area. If the birds start getting confused in their migrations and flying East and West we'll really know something's up. Right now, there is a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at the end of Pisces moving Retrograde, so when those two station back on around and move forward into Aries we might see more of the scary.

Today's 6.9 earthquake occurred between the Baja California peninsula and mainland Mexico. So far, Mexico seems to follow my theory of Cardinal Sign Sun quakes for this year. I had wondered if California would be hit by this energy after studying the Parkfield series of earthquakes. In January, California did have a major earthquake up in Eureka which is very far North in the State. And most of Southern California felt the April Earthquake in Mexico. The Sun in Cancer season brought an earthquake to Mexico but California didn't feel it. We've got another day I guess before the Sun leaves Libra so maybe California won't fall into the ocean this month (the Stock Market could crash next week though, a little).

Today's earthquake had the t-square planets mostly on the angles. Pluto-NN in Capricorn was in the 1st house. Saturn in Libra was conjunct the Midheaven to the degree and opposing the Moon-IC in Aries. The Moon 14 Aries was angular and Cardinal in the 4th House. The Sun was also angular and Cardinal in the 10th House.

Jupiter ruled this chart with 28 Sagittarius Rising (pretty close to the beginning of Cardinal Sign Capricorn). Jupiter was at 25 Pisces Rx conjunct Uranus 28 Pisces RX in the 3d House. Mars rules the 4th House of land and environment and was trining Jupiter-Uranus from 26 Scorpio up in the 11th house.

There were no deaths from this earthquake and I think no major damage. Perhaps a bottle of tequila fell off a shelf and a surfer caught an extra big wave. Gnarly session, dude.

The chart is bowl shaped with Saturn as lead planet and most elevated. The Moon is a singleton in fire.

Whew, I don't do predictions but it seems almost certain something will happen in January.

6.9 Earthquake Baja Mexico
Oct. 20, 2010 11:53 am LT (1753 GMT) 65 miles South of Los Mochis, 85 miles northeast of La Paz

Sun 29 Libra (H10); Moon 14 Aries (H4); ASC 28 Sagittarius; MC 11 Libra; NN 7 Capricorn (H1)


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