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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living the Dream

California is about to have a Neptune Return, but, we're not quite there yet. The exhaustion is mounting that's for sure. We definitely need a new act and a new art form. But, in California, I keep hearing very cynical people yelping about how they've met yet another person who is out here "living the dream." "Living the dream" usually involves doing something really stupid.

So, here's one of those stories.

A rock band of aging 30-something ego problems blocked 4 out of 5 lanes of traffic on an L.A. freeway yesterday afternoon at Rush Hour by jumping on top of a truck plastered with their band logo. The marketing was all there. People who drive the rush hour traffic in L.A. are never in a very good mood and sitting in one's car for extended periods of time isn't really all that special of an event. What they are pissed off about is that the band has no talent and this was just another obnoxious act of desperation.

The lack of talent will hopefully ease up when Neptune hits Pisces. Granted the drivers on the L.A. freeways are among the most chemically altered in the World, but, still, they could use a little Neptune influence themselves to enjoy this stupid shit. Best to put this stuff off until after the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto stuff passes over. Those planets like to use the Infrastructure for other purposes.


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