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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forget It

There still is no explanation for the Missile Launch. The Military doesn't know what it was but does know that it wasn't a scheduled launch and wasn't fired by an enemy and that it came from the water. Maybe that explains the chart which is ruled by Venus. Wow, I wonder if this was caught on Google Earth. My Virgo older brother said that he was caught out getting the mail, something about his pajamas showing his butt crack, maybe that was a fib, i never really catch on to these things, maybe I could work for the U.S. military, probably they should hire my Virgo older brother who would at least come up with a story.


There was a report that 4 former Marines in San Clemente were arrested for selling weapons to gang members in the San Fernando Valley. Is this part of the PTSD diagnosis or are the Mexicans about to take back California? Will the Huffington Post ever tell us the truth or is it too important to be PC?


I think I'm just going to keep posting about this just to see how long it takes for the news media to not do enough investigation.


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