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Friday, November 05, 2010

Everywhere that Hillary Goes An Earthquake's Sure to Follow

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio Sun. Her natal Uranus is conjunct her Ascendant (assuming 29 Gemini Rising with 8pm birth time). And she's got a conjunction of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo.

So, one might assume that Hillary's a bit disaster prone. This article describes how she seems to end up planning her travel around all the earthquakes which have been happening lately.

I thought I'd check her progressed chart against those aspects to see if anything can explain the rock 'n roll.

Well, the angles are loaded.

Hillary's progressed Ascendant right now is 19 Leo. So the natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is conjunct that.

Her progressed Sun is conjunct p. Mercury at 7 and 4 Capricorn, respectively. So they are in conjunction with the Pluto-NN square Saturn transit. P.Sun and Mercury are in her natal 7th House, that's angular.

And, yowzah, her progressed Mars has just passed over the Nadir of her chart. At 7 Virgo it is trining progressed Sun at 7 Capricorn to the degree. Perhaps this exact trine in earth signs is making her a bit sympatico with the earth right now. (Well, she's always seemed to be that way anyway).

That's just the progressions. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which has been moving back and forth over the Pisces/Aries cusp is right over her natal Moon. Jupiter and Moon both rule overseas travels and Uranus rules sudden shocking events.

And, considering the transits, home base in the United States has been having lots of small earthquakes but nothing like what Hillary's experiencing in her travels. All she has to do is step off a plane (Jupiter-Uranus).

Hillary Clinton
b. Oct. 26, 1947 8pm Chicago, IL

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon 30 Pisces; ASC 30 Gemini; MC 6 Pisces; NN 21 Taurus Rx

Source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=131090324

P.S. (Nov. 6, 2010): I started to realize that maybe Hillary's astrolocality chart explains things and that maybe we could make some really accurate earthquake predictions if we could just get hold of Hillary's travel plans for the next few months/year while her chart is still under such stress.

Yow! With Uranus conjunct her Ascendant she's going to be a lightening rod of some sort. Let's use it. This is one of those major boons for earthquake prediction that nobody's ever going to take advantage of. We just need to get Hillary's travel plans for the next 6 months and match those time with her Uranus and Mars-Saturn-Pluto lines! And it's so easy.

Hillary's Uranus ASC line runs right through all of the key spots noted in the article. It runs through Indonesia on the whole Asian side of the Pacific Rim and then up to Alaska and down through Chicago to Miami and Cuba and then down through Columbia and the middle of South America. She's got a Venus-Mercury-Chiron set of lines running through California and India. I bet she's already sold California to the East Indians. Crap. The sewer lines are never going to get fixed.

Pakistan is another story. Because of her natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction the lines for those planets run close to each other and right through India and Pakistan. They cross a bunch of other lines (Venus, Mercury, Chiron) in India.

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