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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Missing Child Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker is the 10 year old girl who was reported missing by her Step-Mother and Father on October 10, 2010 in Hickory, NC at 2:00pm. It's presumed that Zahra was killed by her parents. Zahra was observed being abused by her Step-Mother. Previous landlords/neighbors of the family reported having to evict the family because of the chronic screaming (both parents have Mars in Gemini).

Police dogs sensed Zahra's smell in a pile of wood chips and Zahra's prothetic leg has been recovered. Zahra and her Father are originally from Australia where Zahra's bio Mom still lives. Zahra was diagnosed for Bone Cancer in 2005 and had a leg amputated. She also suffered hearing loss.

Both parents have been arrested for writing bad checks. Her Step-Mother continues to be held for having confessed to writing a fake ransom note.

When I look at the charts which I located from off of the Forensic Astrology website at Websleuths.com I see that both parents might have a tendency for cruelty. Elisa Baker has a conjunction of Sun-Venus-Mars in Gemini squaring Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. She could be a very verbal person, and probably abusive. She also might tend to have problems with parenting due to constant need for self satisfaction and excitement/stimulation.

(note about prog Mercury: She was born just as Mercury was Stationing Rx at 3 Cancer. Her progressed Mercury has turned turned direct and has passed over the natal spot and is at 7 Cancer. Perhaps she was very frustrated with her bad parenting).

Right now Elisa is going through her Neptune Square. Her natal Neptune is conjunct her step-daughter's Sun. This could mean that she is being blamed for her step-daughter's death so her chart is certainly linked to her step-daughter's. Or it could mean that if she did kill the little girl she probably did it through the use of Neptunian means such as poison, drugs or gas. As Neptune is related to dishonesty, fantasy, and cover ups and doing jail time the Neptune square transit certainly adds up in Elisa's chart. Uncanny how even her step-daughter's prosthetic foot (ruled by Neptune) is described here.

When I look at the charts, I am particularly concerned about Zahra's Father's chart. He has a natal conjunction of Sun to Saturn in Leo and a conjunction of Pluto to his North Node in Libra. These are both aspects which can show tragedy in a person's life but also an extreme need to get what one wants. He might have an overbearing authoritarian character at times which isn't readily apparent.

The current transits at the time that Zahra was reported missing are echoed in the event chart. I might think they point more to the Father than the Step-Mother. It's strange that the parents waited until 2:00 pm on a Sunday to report their daughter missing. Maybe they are late sleepers, but they certainly are lousy parents. At that point the current transiting conjunction of Pluto-NN in Capricorn were just rising over the Ascendant. The Ascendant in an event chart will show a perpetrator. The Capricorn conjunction disposits to and squares t. Saturn which was in Libra conjunct both Sun and Mercury. The Saturn emphasis connected to the Ascendant describes "Guilty Father." It's difficult to read though because obviously he's going to be feeling guilty right now no matter where his daughter is.

His chart is very strongly hooked in with this event. The transiting Sun-Saturn Libra conjunction layers right over Zahra's Father's natal Pluto-NN conjunction.

At any rate, one can see that he was born to suffer great responsibilities in life, some serious losses and he was due for an upset in his life at this time. I question his honesty because he has a t-square with apex Mercury 11 Virgo squaring Mars-Lilith 14 Gemini opposing Neptune 14 Sagittarius. He would certainly be a difficult person for the police to interrogate. A Sun-Saturn person naturally feels guilty and responsible for everything and after a certain age this can degrade into just the opposite sense that others are to blame for everything. It seems that the couple was suffering from financial problems as well as just not getting along.

Trying to filter the two charts down to see violent tendencies one looks at Mars. This couple shares Mars conjunct in the same sign of Gemini. This means that both have progressed Mars in Cancer which is a terrible aspect for anything having to do with home life and over emotionalism.

Zahra Baker
b. 11/16/1999 Giru, Queensland, Australia

Sun 24 Scorpio; Moon Aquarius; NN 8 Leo

Father Baker
b. Aug. 6, 1977 Sydney, Australia

Sun 14 Leo; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 19 Libra Rx

Elisa Baker
b. June 6, 1968 North Carolina somewhere
I saw another dob which is later in June so can't vouch for this date

Sun 16 Gemini; Moon Libra; NN 15 Aries

Step-M Elisa reports missing Zahra
event: Oct. 10, 2010 2:00 pm Hickory, NC

ASC 10 Capricorn; Sun 18 Libra; Moon 28 Scorpio; MC 30 Libra; NN 7 Capricorn



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