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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Powerful Women Politicians and Breast Cancer

I've noticed that quite a few women politicians at this point are Breast Cancer survivors and was curious to see if there was a strong Moon-Pluto contact in their natal charts or at the time of the disease. Since the diagnosis generally comes much later than the onset of a tumor I know that this date can't really be tracked easily. I can only remember 3 powerful women right now and am impatient to share this. I'm working without adequate information because I don't have birth times for any of them so can only speculate on the location of the Moon in their charts. It is highly likely that there is a connection between Moon and Pluto by natal and by transit and by progression. Also, two of the examples got the diagnosis very soon after their progressed Venus' went Retrograde.

Interesting, and sort of difficult to observe how their Breast Cancer diagnoses coincide with their Political Success. Very inspiring to see their strength to fight the disease while also taking advantage of their career opportunities. You'll only see that in a Plutonian, well, maybe also a Uranian. And, well, two of the women have Mars conjunct North Node, sign of the fighter.

Christine Gregoire, Governor of Washington
b. Mar. 24, 1947 Adrian, Michigan

Sun 4 Aries; Moon (noon time) 29 Aries; NN 6 Gemini; Pluto 12 Leo

diagnosed 2003

This is just after Prog. Lunar Return either at end of Aries or beginning of Taurus.

If Gregoire was born late in the day she possibly has a square between Moon and Pluto.

Nodal Return came in 2003, Saturn opposed Pluto-Chiron close to this axis in 2001-2.

P. Sun 28 Taurus during this year. Prog. Venus 30 Aries (not Rx). Both about to change signs.

Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

b. Nov. 29, 1957 NYC, NY

Sun 8 Sagittarius; Moon 12 Pisces (noon); NN 10 Scorpio Rx (c. Mars and Neptune in Scorpio); Pluto 3 Virgo

Natal Sun square Pluto, possibly in a t-square with natal Moon

Diagnosed in 1998

Transiting Pluto square.
Transiting Pluto passed over natal Sun during this year and possibly aspecting huge t-square Moon-Sun-Pluto.

Secondary Progressed Lunar Opposition possibly also aspecting this big t-square.

Secondary Progressed Mars 13 Sagittarius just passed over natal t-square.

Secondary Progressed Venus had stationed Rx 1996-7 conjunct natal Chiron.

Carly Fiorina, Republican nomination for Governor of California, 2010

b. Sept. 6, 1954 Austin, TX

Sun 14 Virgo; Moon 28 Sagittarius (Noon); NN 12 Capricorn Rx c. Mars 6 Capricorn

Possible Moon trine Pluto in natal chart.

Possible conjunction of Moon to natal Mars

Secondary Progressed Lunar Return maybe c. natal Mars and North Node. Transiting Pluto is over this point as well.

T. Saturn passing over n. Sun.

Secondary Prog. Sun conjunct natal Saturn 6 Scorpio-Lilith 10 Scorpio

Secondary Progressed Venus 30 Scorpio Rx. Had Stationed Rx back around 2003-4 at 1 Sagittarius.

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