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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Spoonful of Sugar

When it comes to Pharmaceuticals Modern Medicine is really bummed out. Neptune has been in conjunction with Chiron, the planet which has to deal with things that it can't be fixed.

There isn't a fish in the sea at this point that's not gorked out on some psych or heart med that a human (probably American) has peed out. (source is from one of those graphs that's on the front of an old USATODAY)

"Medicines" are the 3d biggest killed in the United States after Heart Disease and Cancer. (source is from the lady who stood behind me in the taco shop) and this: http://www.cancure.org/medical_errors.htm (Errors and Hospitals, both Neptune)

The Drug Companies are so leery of making more mistakes and getting into more lawsuits that the Government is making bigger and bigger labs in order to try to keep up with the hopes and wishes of the Science community. (read that about 2 weeks ago in the newspaper somewhere)

And it turns out that pills that are meant for humans are the biggest toxin ingested by household pets. (Got this one: "Human meds a threat to pets (San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 29, 2011).

Whoa, Dude, gnarly session. On April 4, Neptune moves into Pisces its own sign. What that brings is anybody's guess. Artists and Orphans? Most of the fish have died off, there are islands of plastic bags floating where they used to live, but it seems that new species are showing up.

Neptune rules Drugs as they work for recreational purposes. I assume Neptune also rules Medications for health as well, but maybe that's actually more of a Virgo thing. Neptune rules big institutions, like big government labs and hospitals with long corridors that people lock up and throw away the keys to. This is probably great news for the pot farmers, though, except that Neptune also rules pesticides and fumigants and all things toxic.

Maybe it will be important to start paying more attention to where Ceres is during this transit. You sort of want to know what people really care about in order to deal in a constructive way with "Old Blue."

It's pretty interesting that the AMA was formed just as Neptune passed in to Pisces last time (19th century some time), so it's having a Neptune Return. And even more interesting is that the first Vegetarian Society formed in England the same month in May. This was just as Neptune made its first square to the Sun after its ingress. Both transits challenge the Sun first off from the same sign. Gemini the Fix It Guy. Interesting how that one month (gotta go look it up again, June 18--) kind of took the direction of cure in polar opposite directions.

For some reason I think this last transit mentioned is important. The Sun-Neptune square, that is. The leaders of the two biggest economies in the world at this point, China and the U.S. both have natal Sun-Neptune squares. Obama is a Leo Sun square Neptune in Scorpio. Hu Jintao is a Sagittarius Sun square Neptune in Libra.

Man, hate to say it, first thing that comes to mind when I see Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces is corruption. And, then, very quickly after that I see a great tendency to create compassion and beauty in the world. And that's pretty awesome. The French developed the idea of Impressionism during the last Neptune in Pisces phase. Scattered points of light and color.


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