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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Planets Out of Bounds and Retrogrades

AstrologyWeekly.com provides lists of the Out of Bounds Planets. I will now proceed to butcher the information that they have so wonderfully offered.

Mercury will be out of bounds in June and also in Nov-Dec. 13.

Mars will be out of bounds between July 24 to Aug. 22.

Venus apparently will not go out of bounds this year.

Astrologyweekly.com also offers lists of the Retrograde Planets for 2011 along with other years. Who knew? (I'm so slow-ow-oe).

The year started with a Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. And the Mercury Retrogrades will be in mostly Fire Signs this year. "One foot forward. Two steps back. Do the hokey pokey..." (that's a Sadge thing that my Mother used to say).

March 30 to Apr 23 Mercury will be in Aries.
Aug. 2 to Aug. 26 Mercury will be in Virgo/Leo.
Nov. 23, to Dec. 13 Mercury will be Sagittarius.

Fire is spark and enthusiasm. That's good. We need this this. There will be all kinds of screw ups because of impulsive behavior and impatience, maybe a little temper tantrum, hopefully no gun powder. I wonder if this will do something big for the transportation industry and neighborhood planning. Watch out for the neighborhood pyromaniac? Watch out or you may become kindling.

Venus and Mars have no Retrogrades this year. Wow. It looks like we really aren't in the mood for review and revision, especially in Romance. Love and Marriage. His and Hers Towels will make a comeback at the Bed n'Bath store.

Jupiter Retrograde at 11 Taurus on Aug. 30 to Dec. 25 1 Taurus. Maybe some attention will be directed towards the Arts. Yeah, and then there's Banking, Rapid Growth in Banking, People with Really Thick Necks like Football Players, Greek Philosophers like Plato and Socrates who try to interpret Reality.

Saturn Retrograde at 18 Libra
on Jan 26 to June 13 11 Libra. Everyone, would you just be civil? (No).

Uranus Retrograde on July 10 at 5 Aries to Dec. 10 at 1 Aries. Fireworks all year.

Neptune Rx on June 3, at 1 Pisces to Nov. 9 at 29 Aquarius. We were supposed to learn something from all these weather problems, but what was it?

There's Neptune's ingress into Pisces, the sign which it rules. That's good for the arts and for psychiatrists who will be institutionalizing people left and right. I'm supposing that the best art will be coming from China because I know they've been working on it and no one else seems to have been. Why bother painting for a bunch of old Pluto in Virgos who only like what they can make money off of.

Pluto goes Rx on Apr. 9 at 8 Capricorn to Sept. 16 5 Capricorn. The Plutocracy continues. Maybe begins to bite itself in its ass.

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