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Monday, January 24, 2011

Holly Lahti's Saturn Return

Holly Lahti is the Idaho woman who won half of a Super Fabtabulistic Lottery Prize. Half of more than 300 million dollars. She was the miracle story of the single mother who gets the big break in life. That is she was until her husband showed up asking for half of the money and jeering about he no longer owes child support. He sounds like a real cool guy. Then a mug shot showed up of Holly with cuts and bruises on her face after the police arrested both Holly and Hubby back when they were together.

Now Holly has disappeared. And no wonder.

So, Holly is 29. That's the age of one's Saturn Return. Saturn shows our big Karmic Lessons in Life. And it's just so amazing that Holly's Saturn is in Libra, the sign of Marriage and Open Enemies. I mean, who the hell else wins the Lottery and then the psycho husband shows up and gleefully brags about how much he resents his kid.

Oh Libra.

Libra. The sign that intertwines and contracts us with every damn other single thing in the universe on the proverbial one to one.

And so then where is Jupiter in this mess? Jupiter is the planet often associated with Good Luck and so we often want to see what it is doing when one wins a Lottery. If Holly is 29 right now she may have been born around 1981 I've found a date for someone with her name born in that year in February. This date (I have no idea if it's the one) puts Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn in Libra to the degree. And they are both trining Venus, planet of money, which is conjunct the South Node (Aquarius).

Well, and then there's Pluto, planet of paying the piper. Sex. Death. Taxes. Other People's Money. Pluto is also in Libra, sign of marital bliss (and compromise).

Well, here's hoping that Holly is floating around on a yacht somewhere with her child and not bothering with any of these problems anymore.

She's got a few more lessons to learn about partners. It looks like she was already struggling and I hope she can find some decent well meaning folks who won't take advantage anymore.



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