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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will California be Deluged?

I was sort of hoping that California would finally attract a decent set of artists during its Neptune Return in Pisces is coming up. I was also hoping that someday all the broken down underground plumbing would get fixed. All I wanted was to be able to flush and not have to have it all come back up at me. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

Yahoo is flailing an end of the world article about how 100 Scientists say that we're due for a big Superstorm that will wipe out a quarter of the houses.


Neptune is ruler of Pisces and Pisces is a water sign, ruler of the oceans, atmosphere and breaking down of barriers. And flooding. Turns out that this happens every 150 years or so in California. That's very close to a Neptune Return which is about 156 years.

Back in 1861-62 the Central Valley was flooded so badly that the State Capitol was moved. I can't remember from where to where. Oh, San Jose to Sacramento.

California's natal Neptune is at 6 Pisces. The chart listed on Astrodienst gives a time for California which looks too hunky dorey to be an accurate time. This chart places Neptune in the 4th House trining Scorpio Rising and Moon.

Back at the time of that last Deluge, Neptune was right at the end of Pisces/beginning of Aries. That's the beginning of the chart wheel.

California will have a Neptune Return within the next few years. Then will have a Uranus Return soon after. Both Planets are in aspect with each other and with the Ascendant of this chart and with Pluto, planet of crisis, as well. And Uranus is conjunct n.Pluto at 30 Aries on the same degree.

Plus, California is a Virgo so has a very large number of Scientists who know what they're talking about.

sept. 9, 1850 9:39 am San Jose, Ca

Sun 17 Virgo; Moon 4 Scorpio; ASC 6 Scorpio; MC 11 Leo; NN 15 Leo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon as this post caught my attention, I remembered YOU.


8:59 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Thanks Anonymous, it looks like this is something that occurs about every 300 years. So, if it has to do with planetary cycles then it's a result of multiple cycles at a time.

11:28 AM  

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