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Friday, January 14, 2011

The 13th Sign

Ever since the New Year started it seems that Horoscopes have been at or near the top of the Trending List on Yahoo. An Astronomy professor spoke out about the way that the Astrological Wheel isn't what Astrologers say it is. The signs come at different times. Scorpio and Sagittarius barely exist at all. They are crowded out by a 13th Sign called Opiuchus or something like that. Turns out the Babylonians wanted a nice even number so they left Opiuchus out. He's the Serpent Bearer? That's such a strong image in ancient arts it's pretty interesting that it is left out. This is one of those moments where I wish I could add images. Oh well, just take an art or history class.

Maybe that's because it's Greek and maybe the Greeks don't believe in Astrology the way the Babylonians do? I don't know. Ask a Greek. They believe in Zorba the Greek and Oozo for fixing life's wounds. Didn't Greece just declare Bankruptcy? At any rate, I haven't drunk any oozo since the time that a friend guzzled a bunch down on New Year's Eve and spent literally the entire night throwing up. Nice even numbers. Stick with the Babylonians in the Astro World at any rate. Speaking of drinking, I guess this is a leftover from the Pluto transit through Sagittarius for most Sagittarians since most Sagittarians are now finding out that they were really serpent bearers and not centaurs.

The astrologers listed on this article say that the hubbub will die down. I wish it wouldn't. We would just change everything in Astrology that doesn't work. Especially the part where we tell people that they are something and let them believe us.

Anyway, I'm sure there's a book contract in there for any astrologer who wants to get in to Pluto in Capricorn style Astrology. Oh yeah, Pluto isn't a Planet. Neither is Ceres. And Julian Assange who has a square of the two connected with Venus and isn't living a life that is perfectly described by those particular aspects.

Anyway, the parts of Astrology that I like the most aren't affected by this news anyway. I like following the cycles and the angles and the seasons. I don't like the part of astrology that forces an astrologer to sit there and ....

And I don't have a problem with thinking that there are multiple types of cycles going on at the same time. We have a choice about which ones feel right for us. We can have the Tropical. And we can have the Sidereal. And we can have 13 signs. And we can sing. And we can dance.

Of course, I think some of Life is self-will and some of Life is flying at us from absolutely out of nowhere and some of Life is payback and some people get away with murder and some people catch all the shit no matter how innocent they are.

And, wow, this article says that 1 out of 5 tattoo requests are for Astrology Signs.

Article: http://enews.earthlink.net/article/us?guid=20110114/bf19eaae-25bd-4bd2-bfda-fd2cc197e381

Here's a list of the Constellations:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

Also check out Philip Sedgwick's site because he's taking it Galactic: http://www.philipsedgwick.com/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Especially the part where we tell people that they are something and let them believe us."
and that is the hardest part, because, I think, that is why people seek out Astrologers so that they can be told something uplifting. and that is why I think being a successful Astrologer is so difficult.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Uplifted is nice. Enlightened is better.

I took a class from a very great astrology once who said that he had come to realize that clients who walked out the door all aglow often were the ones who didn't get anything from the reading.

4:13 PM  

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